My opinion of the best BJJ book?

i don't see this one mentioned much, but out of all the jiu jitsu related
products and instructionals I have seen and come across (and it's a lot)
I consider Mastering Jiu Jitsu by Renzo Gracie and John Danaher to be a

Renzo Gracie obviously needs no introduction to anyone on this forum.

"New Zeland" John Danaher is one of Renzo's top black belts (ask ANY
of the students and competition memebers at his academy how good
he really his), and furthermore wason his way to PHd in philosophy at
Columbia before discovering jiujitsu, it his style of narrative and wit
combined with the knowledge that Renzo has that makes this a unique

For starters, if you're expecting a glossy book filled with techniques,
this isn't the book for you. The techniques that are shown are in black
and white, and are the most basic of the basic moves and the book is
text dense. What you do get however is a TON of history and practical
theory on jiujitsu, it's moves and ultimate goals. If you're looking to
get into the mindset of a fighter and discover why a certain choice or
manuever is appropriate at a given time, then this is the book for you.

It will change (or at least sharpen) your overall perspective of Jiu Jitsu
in a way that showing you over a hundred techniques couldn't.

I'd re-read this book more often if my copy wasn't "borrowed"
sometime ago. I recommend this book to everyone, but I have always
personally recommended it to my friends and the highest profile
atheletes in th sport.

Furthermore, you can get the book for under $14.00 at Amazon, which
is an absolute steal at that price:

Gumby is correct. That book is excellent.

Gumby has just armbarred the correct review

My favorite book.  The Gracie Way comes in a close 2nd.  If I was going to teach a college jiujitsu class Mastering JuJitsu would be the textbook. 

I like it but I felt a lot of it was aimed at traditional martial artists as anyone who has trained in mma or bjj for a couple of years or someone with heavy interest in mma should know most of the info already.

I think Renzo felt the same way, hence "Mastering JUJITSU" rather than jiu-jitsu.

My favourite book is "The Triangle" by Rigan Machado.

It is one of a series of books put out by the publisher, all with similar titles and formats (Mastering X), similar to Tuttle's Complete X line.

Publisher's get final approval of titles and covers and other stuff that effects marketing, and they like having series that look similar on book store shelves, even if one is Mastering Jujitsu and the next is Mastering Tai Chi.

I agree with estanmilko. I think it's good, but I didn't like it personally
because I feel I already knew pretty much everything in the book.

Gumby is correct, great book. Enjoyable to read, solid techniques in multiple ranges.

ttt for a good book !

I like Danaher's writing style.

I'll check it out, thanks Gumby!

I also liked this book. As mentioned, John Danaher writes very well. The historical and strategy/philosophy info is presented at least as well as any other MA history book ever written.

Not a great range of techniques, but those that are there are solid examples. Andrew Yao is probably correct in that this is a book for TMAers looking to cross over rather than for advanced practitioners, and most blue belts would know nearly all the techniques demonstrated.

I also have "The Triangle" book/DVD package, and regard it as excellent.

Well for me it wasn't the techniques that I knew already so much, it was the whole idea that there are ranges of combat etc. I had the same problem with Geoff Thompsons books, for some people it may have caused a massive shift in their perceptions but for me that shift had already happened so all I got out of it was an interesting read.

danaher is sick on the mat.... i remember watching him roll... i thought he was the best one in the room that day (and there were other black belts there), as far as his style and they way he sets things up.


who is howe? and i thought the peligro books were supposed to be all gracies who else are they going to use?

Drew Howe is the man. 

i have 10 years of rcj bjj under my no-belt

John is an evil genius.

but alhough i don't read bjj training books, i highly enjoyed the gracie way. kid P has a way with words, despite his heavy bias. it was really enjoyable, although relson should have been mentioned.