My opinions of The Passion

Overall I felt it completely accomplished it's goal. It was much more powerful with subtitles than it would have been in English. It focuses almost entirely on the last 12 hours of his life, with little showings of earlier events and the Ressurection. Th Ascension is not shown.

Great choice of cast, lesser known actors worked better than big names for a project like this. The visuals and audio were both very intense. The most realistic movie violence you will ever see.

I though the satan character was done very creative and well. The typical jacked creature from Legend wouldn't have fit in in this film. Every scene with the devil was very deep, except for the final one with him raging in agony which I think could have been done alot better. In particular the conversation in Gethsamane and the scene of the devil with the deformed baby were both great. I felt this was more to show his embracing of all that is wrong than of it being the actual anti-Christ. Someone else said they thought it was showing him as mocking Jesus as a sort of anti-Madonna and Child.

This is the type of movie that I don't think will have any to come after it. This part of the story had never been shown this way, and likely wont be again. Very powerful symbolism and spared no detail in showing what actually happened. Just to pointlessly nitpick, it was obvious that Jim's eyes had been digitaly altered to be brown. Seeing the controversy already, people would have likely rioted if it had made it to print with blue eyes.

In conclusion, one of the, if not the most moving films I've ever seen. I have never broken down during a movie, but this one really got to me. Gibson has a vision and followed it through without regard for what others would say, and I take my hand off to him.

Cool thoughts! I guess I hadn't much thought about Satan with the "baby" aside from the madonna/child image.

Excellent review HELWIG.

I agree, the garden dialogue was great.

Good review, but taking your hand off to Gibson is a little extreme if you ask me. I was hoping they would show the confession of the Roman soldier after Christ died, but it did show the ripping of the temple curtain which I was also hoping to see.