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I was told Jenna does have cancer. I had absolutely no idea and was just trying to be funny. I would never poke fun at someone who I knew was going through that. I apologize greatly. She will be in my prayers.

Man talk about bad timing!

Agreed :(


Where is the source Seamus? Love or hate Jenna if you want, but I wouldn't wish cancer upon anyone.

Well a poster came onto the thread and said she did have cancer. I immediately felt like shit and realized why everyone got pissed of at me, which I dont blame them at all. I dont wish cancer upon anyone as well. Just thought I would join in on the Jenna joking.

I dont have a source. I would like to have one though as well. A few posters on the thread are my only source.

I googled it. Came up with this:

I knew you were joking around Seamus. When I said "love or hate Jenna if you want" I was talking to everybody. Does anyone know what kind of cancer she has?

Seamus619: i'm sure you didn't mean an harm....humour is humour and nobody is above being made fun of....good to see you come on here and admit what you said was in bad taste, albeit unintentionally


that link says skin cancer right on it.

Thanks mang! Looks like earlier she had a miscarriage due to her cancer which is horrible. Then she had a skin cancer. Not sure if it was the same cancer, but still sad.

"that link says skin cancer right on it."

Oh yeah, I didn't look at it before my last post.

Jenna has looked very unhealthy lately. She's looks anorexic and her skin looks like leather. I wonder if all the tanning is causing the skin cancer. What a shitty situation to be in. Hope she gets through it.

The article:

Jenna Jameson's cancer battle
19th April 2007 08:30:02

Jenna Jameson has revealed her secret battle with skin cancer caused her to lose her baby.

Jenna - the world's most famous adult movie star - was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2004 and was two-months pregnant at the time.

But the next day, Jenna suffered a miscarriage - which doctors believe was brought on by the stress of learning she had cancer.

The star told Us Weekly magazine: "If the pregnancy would have lasted, I wouldn't have had the surgery. So it was all in God's plan."

Jenna, 33, had visited a dermatologist to have some veins on her back treated when, by chance, an abnormal mole was discovered.

The star was shocked to discover it was a malignant melanoma.

Since having surgery the actress has been cancer-free.

Jenna's mother, Judith, died from skin cancer before Jenna was two years old.

Judith had worked as a Las Vegas showgirl, which inspired Jenna to work as a dancer before moving into the adult movie industry.

In all seriousness tanning is very bad for your skin. I read all these stories on young women who get skin cancer from tanning alot.