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Quit Whining...!

What was that I heard? OOOHHH it was you tapping!!!

TOO FUNNY!!! You just got burned Castro.

All I can remember is that picture of MacDonald smiling when he was choking Castro out! Who's the one whining? I think MacDonald has a pretty valid point.

Yup, and it was a good fight too.
If you are going to whine about something don't invole me....

"I was a top 10 prospect a month ago and have not fought since. However, my last win was aganist Castro who has not fought since our fight. So how could he be there and not me? I know it is based on wins and losses and quality of opponents but with only one loss (aganist Mahood who was also on the list a month ago) how could I drop off and Castro still be there? Just curious..."

"TTT FOR THE OTHER CANADIANS ON THERE, they deserve it!!" WTF (For the record last month I wasn't up their either...Big Deal)

It's all about the $$$.

I would be sour too if I lost to a guy 40 lbs lighter than me!! LOL, my Dad is not even 50 yet!!

Actually, I'm not very SOUR I think it was a great fight...

I'm not sure what kind of math you are doing but for the record, I was only 18 lbs heavier...LOL.
Besides, I had dropped 30lbs just to meet your contract, which I will not do again, That sucked!

Hey, you're the one that came on here attacking me. I weighed in at 216lbs fully clothed with shoes on and my pockets full of whatever I could find(wallet,keys,couple rolls of quarters). You were stripped down and Peak told me you were back over 250lbs the next day.

"TTT for the other Canadians on there they deserve it!!"

Okay and I don't deserve it, now it sounds like you started attacking me. That statement is what this thread is about. I wasn't expecting you to go all back to the future on me. bringing up our fight !!

I guess though, there is always one way to settle that... you can start EATING...and we'll RE MATCH....LOL

Reguardless, Good luck in the future.

I was saying the site could be a bit confusing dude. It was not about which Canadians were there and were not there. I used your name because we were both on there and now I was not, which was a bit confusing to me since we both had not fought since we fought each other. It had nothing to do with you not deserving to be on there. Like I said thr first time...

TTT FOR THE OTHER CANADIANS ON THERE THEY DESERVE IT!! (excluding myself and you being one of the others)

Good luck in your re-match with Severn!

HEY leave the bitching to the promoters your taking away the spot light from us ! LOL

Let's use all of that energy to go out and wreak havoc on the International community.

TTT for MacDonald and Castro..... two class acts with awesome futures ahead of them.

Lance vs Castro, thats the fight i wanna see!


I'm not getting what you meant with that. The "us" has mixed feelings on MacDonald. Meaning U.S.? or "us" meaning you and Bob Sapp? Do you know something that the rest of us don't?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't MacDonald beat Castro? I agree that the lhw division is a tough division, but you can't tell me these wouldn't be exciting fights to see MacDonald vs. Forrest Griffin/Sonnen/Cyborg/Franklin. I'm sure MacDonald would have been way more exciting than Dwees.

The HW division isn't as saturated with talented fighters as the LHW, so is that why you feel Castro has a better chance? Surely you don't think that Castro is more talented than MacDonald!

Castro have beat a legend of Dan Severn not many people can say that, only 8 other guys including Castro can say that.

Who has Jason MacDonald beat? Not many big names before Castro. I don't know why Jason MacDonald is
Whining if he can't get the time off work that's is problem not MMA's fault.

ttt for Castro vs MacDonald why don't they settle this in the ring.

Castro dominated MacDonald through the whole match last time they fought. MacDonald was only in contol for about a minute and won. I say lucky win for MacDonald. Castro would have beat MacDonald toe to toe, I think.

Someone make this happen so Macdonald can stop whining.

First off, Dan Severn looked brutal in his fight against Castro! I think almost all the canadian fighters in the light heavyweight division and the heavy weight division could beat severn!

Second who has Macdonald beat:
Bill Mahood,
Jeremy Sills,
Cameron Brown,
Yan Pellerin,

If these are top names than I don't know what is.

Third, I just watched the Castro and Macdonald fight a couple of days ago, and I garuntee that if castro was at the same weight as Macdonald for that fight I think you would have seen a differnet out come much earlier in that fight. I give props to Castro but come on, giving up such a difference in weight and strength was a major disadvantage for Macdonald! I would like to see anybody on here fight a talented fighter such as Castro being that much lighter and giving up that much strength! And to Macdonalds credit he was able to with stand everything that Castro could throw at him, and as soon as Castro was put on his back the fight was over! Fez you said it best, " Macdonald had control for one minute and he won"! I think that says something! I would like to see how much control you have in a fight against a bigger opponent!

And to say that Castro would beat Macdonald toe to toe is fucking stupid. What is this a hockey fight?
No, this is fucking MMA. Castro is huge and has a nasty fucking punch, I don't think there are many guys who would want to stand toe to toe with a bigger opponent. This is why you use your strengths and use what will give you an advantage! Its like saying that Vitor Belfor would kill Randy Coutoure toe to toe! Well, maybe that why Randy is an unbeileivalbe wrestler and would rather take Vitor down and use his brutal GNP! This isn't a fucking boxing match!

I am not cutting anybody down here, Castro is great figher and has a bright future. But don't knock Macdonald because he took a few punches before he choked him out. If anything it shows that the man can take a fucking punch and still come back and finish the job!

How about MacDonald and Castro get together, train hard, help one another, and then go beat up Americans, Japanese, Brazilians, Russians, etc?

lol at anyone calling a win by rear naked choke lucky. some people are just ignorant.

Fez, YOU'RE AN IDIOT DUDE. Who have I beat? So far, anyone they have put in front of me. Shannon the Cannon is as big a name as a burnt out Severn who is pushing 50.

Also who was whining about work? I told Bill I could not come to Van. and help him prepare for Pellerin because I had to work. Your right that is not MMA's fault.

As far as toe to toe, I'm smart enough not to stand toe to toe with guys much heavier than me. You call it luck I call it a strategy. Let the big guy get tired and than go to work. In this case it only took me a minute of control to win where as Castro could not win with 8 min. of control.

Castro vs mac donald was an exciteing fight,I thought Jason was going to lose right up till he won..To me ,that the kind of fight I LOVE to see...

That was ranked #1 for the best fight Pain saw last year..