My parents suck at telephones.

Disclaimer: my parents are awesome loving people and obviously did a great job raising me...that being said...

Phones seem to boggle their minds.

They are both in their early/mid 60's and retired so apparently common sense is out the window.

-they don't take turns talking. They don't take turns talking with the other person on the phone. They say something, pause, then start talking again when you respond.

-they yell into the phone like its a 50's walkie talkie

-they leave long ass voicemails just to tell me to call them back.

-if the call drops while they're talking they call you back and ask a million questions on why the call dropped. Over and over.

-I bought them both cell phones and pay the monthly bill. They never remember to take their phones with them.

I could go on and on... Phone Post 3.0