My picks are awsome

My picks are usually VERY accurate

i just called the last fight.

ask me..and ill tell you

Liddel by KO, round 3

joe mac

i called the arlovski fight too

if i knew who was fighting next, id call that too win and round

joe mac

lebon wins this next fight....

by stoppage


I doubt that. I say Mcdonald by submission...

caleb..good call..

the punches leban was connecting with..showed that he might win that way...

i dont like leban anyways

whose up next?


while we are talking about picks

serra will loose to GSP

lutter is a dead man vs silva

quinton will beat anyone in ufc

agreed with the last picks joe, cant wait to see quinton smack liddel again

forrest vs. Jerdine?? whats your call on that one?

ill take jardine...hes ugly and kicked bonner in the head... and i feel griffon is still overrated...thats all im going with

I'm 3-0 so far. Picking Jardine.

jardine by dec

nice...told ya

Jardine won, but not by decision. Nice finish.

Great killer instinct. I'm sorry for Forrest. But maybe this will teach him to stop pretending this is K-1, since I think he is probably a lot better on the ground than he is on the feet.

thaigo by decision...

my friend and somone i used to train with.

good luck thaigo

de souza is nasty



herb dean is reffing

whoever hits who first..wins...

but im still going with thaigo on this one


its big jon

thaigo by decsion...last change

joe mac

I didn't even know about this fight, but I'm going with Alves.

i knew alves would win...i shoulda stayed with KO

4-1 i am

kudos for tito comming a long way...and for humbling up a bit....and for training hard

but im gonna take the man who beat couture twice over him

liddel by KO...round 3