My play-by-play of Laimon/Ryron

Got this up at , but here's my play by play of Ryron Gracie vs. Marc Laimon.


In a huge fight, Laimon and Gracie agreed to fight under Gracie Tournament rules- a 20-minute match, points would only count at the end (if there was no submission), and slamming was allowed from the guard. Points were awarded for: 1 point for a takedown, 3 points for side control (whether acheived through a guard pass or from a takedown/sweep), 1 point for a sweep (reversal from the guard), 4 points for mount or rear mount with hooks.
As an interesting variation from normal Grapplers Quest rules, the Gracie rules stated that if one fighter couldn't pass the guard within two minutes, the bottom fighter would be awarded one point and the positions would switch, so that the fighter on the bottom would be on top in the other fighter's guard.
Another variation stated that if there was inactivity on the feet, the referree would stop the match and toss a coin. The winner would choose whether to try to pass the guard, or to defend the guard.

An incredibly packed Durango High School Gym crowd sat on the edge of their seats as Ryron Gracie entered the gym, sporting a T-shirt and board shorts. Ryron historically has fought only with the gi, so this was an interesting twist for fans. Marc Laimon entered and displayed good energy, jumping around and warming up.
Pat "Hawk" Hardy was chosen as head referree, and the match got underway.

Tentative stalking by both guys began for the first minute and a half, with both Laimon and Gracie engaging with cautious aggression. In a fast and technical movement, Laimon caught an arm drag right into a low-single for the takedown, right into side control. The score was 4-0 at this point for Laimon.
Ryron quickly recovered an open guard, and transitioned into a De La Riva-style open guard. Good transitions by both fighters as Laimon worked to pass, Ryron defended well. Ryron scooted his hips under Laimon and went for an ankle lock (a trademark of his brother, Rener), which Laimon defended well. As though an instant replay was playing for the crowd, Ryron again went for the ankle lock, and Laimon once again stepped out of the attack.
Raphael Lovato, Jr coached Laimon on from the side. As two minutes passed with Ryron on his back, the fighters switched positions. Now Laimon would start from his back with Ryron in his guard.

Laimon picked butterfly guard and did something somewhat surprising here: he stood up. At this point in the match, about five minutes had passed. Both fighters squared off and nobody could get any takedowns, so Hawk tossed the coin (see the above stated Gracie rules). Ryron won the coin toss, and selected the top position.

Once again, Laimon chose butterfly guard, and once again he stood up immediately. The fighters went to work on their feet, and there was once again little action, so Hawk tossed the coin once again, and this time Laimon won. He picked the top position.

Ryron elected the closed guard, and as the match began, Laimon picked Ryron up.... and SLAMMED him hard onto the mat. Ryron managed to keep his composure and keep his guard closed. So Laimon once again picked him up and slammed him again, landing with his forearm right in Ryron's throat. This time Ryron opened his gaurd immediately, wary of a third slam. Laimon went to work, and passed the open guard immediately, going to side control for 3 more points.
The score at this point was 7-1 in Laimon's favor. As Ryron worked to recover the guard, Laimon caught an inadvertent Ryron Gracie foot to the crotch. As Laimon writhed in agony, holding his crotch,
Gumby from filmed the agony.

After a three minute pause, the fight resumed on the feet. Laimon appeared to be working a standing cross choke using Ryron's T-shirt, or perhaps just to make space. At any rate, there was not enough action for the referree, so Hawk once again tossed the coin. Ryron won, picked the top position.

This time Laimon did not stand, but attempted a sweep, which looked to be successful... but it was right into Ryron's ankle lock. The ankle lock appeared to be extremely tight, and the crowd tensely leaned forward to cheer on the action. Laimon rolled with the ankle lock, and Gracie rolled with him three or four times... great action. Finally Ryron released the ankle lock, and both fighters stood. After a minute or so with no action, the coin was once again tossed, and Ryron won the toss, picking the top again.

Laimon immediately stood up, Ryron pulled guard, and went right into another footlock from the bottom! This one appeared to be very tight again, but Laimon was able to escape. As Ryron's guard opened up after the escape, Laimon was able to secure both arms under the legs of Ryron and work the guard pass... but instead of attempting to finish the pass, Ryron picked up Gracie and slammed him on his head two times. The slams didn't seem to have nearly as much effect as the earlier closed guard slams. As the two minutes ran out, Ryron was awarded another point, and the positions switched.
The score at this point in the match was 7-2 in favor of Laimon.

Laimon stood up immediately, and after no takedown on the feet, the coin was tossed again, Laimon won and selected the top position. With just 3 minutes left in the match, Laimon stepping away from Ryron's footlock attempts and Ryron attacking, time ticking away, Ryron chose to stand up. After a minute or so of inactivity, Ryron won another coin toss and picked the top position. Laimon picked butterfly guard with just seconds left. Time ran out and Laimon celebrated.

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thats a lot of ankle locks!

Hell yeah it was! I thought 2 of them were really close.... but Laimon defended well too. It was a cool fight to watch IMO.

Perhaps not an aggressive strategy, but it sounds like Laimon had a game plan going in and executed it perfectly for the win.

Perhaps not an aggressive strategy, but it sounds like Laimon had a game plan going in and executed it perfectly for the win.

Best description of the fight I've seen!!

Thanks, guys! Keep em coming!

I agree- Laimon executed his game plan to a tee, and may have exploited a hole in the rules.
Both fighters impressed me.

Wait, if Laimon kept standing up. Why didnt Ryron stand up and take him down? He had numerous opportunities, if Laimon KEPT standing up over and over again. Oh never mind, takedowns isnt part of submission grappling. Takedowns are bullshit. lol

I read in the Mark Laimon interview he said he WASN'T going to slam him if he didnt have to... I guess he changed his mind!

I think I really like that rule were you toss the coin after 2 minutes of dead standup... good idea.

Same with guard stalling, it will stop all those boring ass '1 takedown and stall to a win' type matches

So thats the new school jiu jitsu that we have heard so much about. Interesting...

new school jiu-jitsu requires running shoes instead of a gi

new school jiujitsu wooped some ass and won 7-2!

Yes it did. He ran laps around him.

Here is the new slogan for the new jiu-jitsu (New School Jiu-Jitsu, you can't submit what you can't Forest run)

I have a lot of respect for both fighters.

It would have been great to see Laimon going for it a bit more....
That being said, I think that since he was already agreeing to fight under special rules, the fact that he totally exploited the rules shows excellent strategy on his part.
No matter how you slice it, Laimon won the fight.

Ryron went for the footlock, but that was all he was going for the whole fight.


lol (and agreeing) with Jackel

"I think that since he was already agreeing to fight under special rules, the fact that he totally exploited the rules shows excellent strategy on his part."