My Poker Game: What Needs Fixing?

I normally play limit hold 'em in casinos, but I have started playing online at PokerStars too. I have been successful so far, but I feel that something in my game needs fixing (before I move up to the higher limits).

Overall I am ahead, but it seems that I have to work very hard to keep pushing ahead. Right now I am about 50% up from where I started.

But look at my last 500 hands, it seems that my style of playing will soon have me swinging pretty far up and down:

Hold'em (Real Money):

500 hands played and saw flop:
- 35 times out of 69 while in small blind (50%)
- 50 times out of 65 while in big blind (76%)
- 189 times out of 366 in other positions (51%)
- a total of 274 times out of 500 (54%)

Pots won at showdown - 50 out of 91 (54%)
Pots won without showdown - 30

Should I be playing fewer starting hands?

Or maybe I just need to watch myself better at the showdowns?

Or does anyone think that my game is working as it is?

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

Assuming you are playing at a full table, I think you are seeing WAAAY too many flops. Someone with your stats I would generally classify as a fish, so if you are making money you must have some post flop skills. Try looking up the Group 1 through 4 hands, straying into the Group 5 hands in late position.

Bringiton is very correct if you're playing a full table.

Can you get your fold, call, bet & raise ratios? I assume you are doing a lot of calling.

Thanks for all of the advice. My game is much better now because I am playing far fewer starting hands, and I have continued to play well after the flop.

It was really a simple solution, but I just could not see it clearly.

Here is a follow-up question:

Should I play fewer starting hands in no-limit or in limit, or does it matter that much?

I know that in no-limit you do not need the best cards to win because you can try to make others think that you have better hands.

Thanks again.

You should play less in NL.