my pound for pound list

1.Anderson Silva

2.Urijah Faber

3.Georges St Pierre

4.Dan Henderson

5.Takanori Gomi

6.Fedor Emelianenko

7.Quinton Jackson

8.BJ Penn

9.Randy Couture

10.Frank Shamrock

You do realize that Anderson according to his own admission walks around at 215 lbs.

That's only about 15-20 fewer pounds than what Fedor and Randy walk around at - and yet he competes TWO weight classes lower.

Hendo is even lighter than Anderson is - and yet Hendo has won titles at both 205 and 183.

Hendo hasn't even cut to make 205 before, and weighed in against Vitor at 196 (a whopping TEN pounds lower than his weight class limit) and against Wanderlei at 200.

So he has definitely done more with the number of pounds that he has than Anderson has.

So according to the very definition of pound-PER-pound, no way Anderson should be at the top of the list, and definitely not ahead of those guys.

People confuse P4P with meaning being the most dominant within a weight class.

That's not what P4P means. Measuring dominance within the weight class is precisely what the specific weight class rankings are for.

P4P is supposed to mean you get the most out of how many pounds you have, more so than anybody else does.

If one guy weighs 200 lbs. and dominates at 185 - whereas another guy also weighs 200 lbs. but competes at 205 and is top-level there, but doesn't quite dominate 205 as much as the first guy dominates 185 - guess what?

That second guy has still done more with his 200 lbs. and gotten more out of them than the first guy has.

That's the very definition of being better pound-PER-pound than the other guy.

Anderson is the most DOMINANT guy WITHIN a weight class at the moment.

But no way is he the best pound-per-pound, getting more out of every pound than guys like Fedor, Randy, Hendo, and Kid have done.

whistleblower just blew a whistle!

To me, pound for pound means how well you do against guys your own size, AND against bigger guys. My top 3 are BJ Penn, Dan Henderson, and Fedor, in no particular order.

Kid Yamamoto not on the list? Wow.

"1. How dominant one is in their weight class."

  • Again, that's precisely what the specific weight-class rankings are for - to measure dominance within that particular weight class.

"2. How a fighter would do against others if all fighters were physically made to weigh the same."

  • Exactly - just another formulation of the same principle.

If someone gets the most out of the number of pounds that he has - i.e., has the most efficient output PER pound - then accordingly, if he would just have more pounds, while maintaining the same proportion of efficiency PER pound, then he would beat everyone.

That's what being the best pound-per-pound means.

Actually, there are subtle differences but I think definition #2 is more
correct than simply getting the most out of your weight.

Still both are difficult to measure. Hendo has fought out of his weight
class. BJ has fought 3 classes above his best weight to go to decision with
Machida. Wandy was the only non-heavyweight in the final 4 of an open
weight tournament.

That being said, I'm sure guys like St. Pierre and Anderson Silva and urijah
could have success if they did tried similar moves.

Still the question is, if Faber, Silva, Fedor, Hendo, BJ, etc... all weighed
exactly the same weight, who would win?

And to JayBrandon's point, I see few fighters as more well rounded in
technique and physical ability than GSP.

LOL @ Faber being above Kid...

my top ten list is basically Fight magazine's top ten list...I just moved a few people around. and I do know what pound for pound means...several of the fighters I personally do not even care for...yet I am's not a popularity contest...or unlike some here...I don't vote for a fighter because they give me an erection....If I did that Scott Tuggle would be number one :)

def from Wipkedia... "Pound-for-pound is the term used in boxing, mixed martial arts and other combat sports to describe a fighter's value in relation to fighters of different weight classes."

 and wrinklequeen is actually the one that is correct...about the origin of the phrase... "It is often said to have been created to describe world Welterweight and Middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson.[1] Robinson is one of the most accomplished fighters of all time, but his supporters realized that, while he could beat anyone in his own class, as a Middleweight he would not be able to beat a top Heavyweight. Hence, Robinson was called the pound-for-pound best without being expected to beat much larger fighters, under the belief that he as a Middleweight was still a better quality fighter than any fighter fighting at heavier or lighter weights than him."

Whistleblower- You're making alot of damn good posts all over this forum

1 is Kid Yamamoto

Your list became shit to me when I saw Gomi above Fedor. just LOL at that.

why? Fedor is the number one HW...without a doubt

"Your list became shit to me when I saw Gomi above Fedor. just LOL at that."


Gomi dominates a much stronger weight class than Fedor.

Even with Gomi's losses as of late, he still has cleared out the top 2-5 LWs as of now which includes Ishida, Sakurai and Kawajiri.

Fedor is king of HW but fights in by far the weakest division in all of MMA.

With wins over Chack and Henderson, I would bump Rampage up a few spots.

"And a cluster-fuck of guys with parity: Marquardt, Lawler, Franklin, Tanner, MayheM, Herman and Misaki."

you're forgetting Filho, the linear champ at MW. beating Misaki who beat Henderson.

Misaki and Akiyama are definitely top guys at MW too. Akiyama just destroyed kang.. and Misaki has a recent legit no fluke win over Henderson.

Okami is also another guy that is top 10.

MW is still much deeper than HW by far.

Look at how stable the rankings have been over the past 8 years for HW. Nog is consistently top 3, barnett is consistently near the top. Randy comes and goes. Fedor has been #1 at HW for nearly 4 years now. In no other weight class has there been this much stability.