My prediction: Moss to Ravens

I hate it...(live in Cincy and see Bmore twice a year) but I think the stars are aligning...

Brian Billick former offensive coordinator for Minnesota

Ravens got shit on by T.O. need a #1 reciever...

Minnesota tired of dealing with Moss...

So mark it down and remember I told you so... look for it in early March once the trade gates open...

Peter King of Sports Illustrated mentioned this possibility several weeks ago on Inside the NFL on HBO.

Really? Seriously I hadn't heard that I was just getting a feeling... especially after seeing Moss against the Eagles and just how lack luster he was playing... seemed just dis-interested like he really didn't want to be there.

no moss knows he won't get the ball as often in baltimore

i'm guessing KC or St. Louis!!

I would love to see him go to Baltimore. That would be one less team bidding for Plaxico in the offseason. I want the Steelers to resign him to a long term deal. It doesn't make sense to take a receiver of his caliber away from Roethlisberger.

if minn lets moss go expect them to go big after plex!!!

and expect plex to go after minn. he would love to be the number one guy in a passing offense with dante throwing him the ball.

Trading Moss to Baltimore (who has excellent depth on the defensive side and can give up a LB and a pick) makes sense to me. I think he's worn out his welcome in Minnesota. Maybe he just needs a fresh start.

I would certainly like to see the Vikes go after Burress if they unload Moss and his baggage.

I've heard Big Red, the Vikes owner, loves Moss and will never trade him.

Muhsin Muhammad is a free agent and he had a much better season than Moss and is a good blocker and plays hard every down. I don't think the Vikes will let Moss go but I am sure that if they did they could sign Muhsin for less money and get a much better player.

Thing is the team is for sale for Big Red probably isn't going to be the owner...

I think the Ravens will end up with TJ Houshmenzada (sp?) from Cincy.

No way in hell they're going to give up Ed Reed for Randy Moss. Maybe a first round pick and Gary Baxter or Adalius Thomas, though.

"Some broadcaster suggested Moss for Ed Reed which would work out well for both sides. "

i think that is a vikings fantasy