My preferred pronouns are…

Fuck you

Logically it makes zero sense. “My name is cycklops I prefer you call me he/him.”

When would I know if you’re doing this correctly? If I’m with you physically you’d just look at me and talk to me. You wouldn’t say he/him to my face because I’m right there.

And if we’re not face to face what fuck do I give what you call me to other people?

I’m so narcissistic I need to control how you refer to me when I’m not around? Gtfoh


Now THIS is a good post. I applaud you he/him!

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If someone really thinks people are referring to them with the pronouns they pick rather than referring to them as idiot, dumbass, retard, stupid fuck, or the many other more accurate names, they are mistaken.


It’s literally violence against me if you don’t use my pronouns… I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with imprisoning/financially-ruining people because they don’t use the words that make me feel good… don’t you selfish people want me to feel good?

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Your words hurt me

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