My President is still my President

Makes me wish I still wore the uniform.

USAF Combat Communications, "Have Comm, will travel"

"My President is still my President"

What does this mean?

Bush was reelected, I stayed up till 300am (Hawaii) to watch the election results. Results for NV,NM, IA were the states that had not been called until later and networks, parties, pundits, etc were haggling over OH even though Bush led by +130,000. Bush's campaign announced victory aroud 2 or so Hawaii time.

"My President is still my President" made sense to my exhausted brain fuddled by 9 or 10 ales, two bowls of spicy chili and half a can of Pringle sour cream and onion. :P

lol ok fair enough

Question: Still feel this way?

My father told me a story after he was tailgating at a football game with a group of people back when Obama was President and got a little carried away bad mouthing him that another oldboy in the group, a former Marine (big Democrat) went off on him telling him that he shouldn’t be trashing him and he’s still our President and we need to support him etc.

I always thought you know what he’s right and while you may not agree with or support all of his policies he’s still our president President and to some degree deserves some respect and we should all hope for the best for the sake of our country.

Until Trump was in office and this same Patriotic Democrat took every chance he could to talk shit about Trump and how much he hated him