My pro debacle...

My pro debut:
My opponent ( Bruce) walks out first.
They say my name but fail to start my song. I can see the DJ fumbling panic-like at the soundboard. I say fuck it and walk out onto the ramp (oh yeah, ramp!) in deafening silence. Finally the DJ gets it together and as I’m being patted down and greased I get to hear most of my walk-out song “Audience of 1” by Rise Against.
First round starts.
We come out, touch gloves and circle counter-clockwise. Bruce fakes a jab and catches me with an overhand right I never see. I drop to one knee but am back on my feet immediately. Bruce swarms me though, and we end up in a clinch. I throw a few tight uppercuts and then drop for the double. I pick Bruce up and slam him, then try to transition to side mount. He manages to turtle up, face down. I land two solid knees to the body; I can hear him grunt and expel air as they land. I move to a front headlock and as he bulls into me, I sit out to my left for an arm in guillotine. Dude tucks his chin and I give up on it quickly, ending up in his guard. I put my feet in his hips and pushing him off, I stand up. He throws a high kick that I block and then a spinning back fist that catches me annoyingly in the chest. I bomb a right hand and use my momentum to close distance and take him down again. I end up in his guard, caught in a guillotine. No worries, I posture, pop my head out and immediately drop an elbow that opens up his forehead. He scoots back to the cage and attempts to wall-walk back to his feet. I jump to my feet and wait for him to rise up so I can decapitate him with a knee. He sees this and keeps his points of contact. He starts to come up a little so I try to drive a knee right through his chest. Unfortunately, when he sees me coming, he drops back down and my knee catches him in the collar bone and slides up into his face. Crown makes a bunch of indignant crowd noise and the reff gives him 5 min. to recover (the correct call IMO). During his recovery, his corner and me exchange pleasantries concerning the intent behind the knee… we re-start. I throw a jab and then put everything I’ve got into a straight right hand to the belly. Great shot. Bruce backs up and I advance throwing punches. I catch him with a 3-4 punch combo and can smell the end… I’ve really dominated the fight and I’m puttin’ it away!!
The next memory I have is sitting on a couch in the back, with a DR. all up in my face…

I guess as the end neared Bruce said Fuck it, and threw a desperation uppercut… Knocked me out cold. What a fucking horribly depressing end for me. Good for Bruce though. I sincerely congratulate him and his team.
Fucking MMA…

Wow, that was well written. You really painted the picture! It's only a loss if you don't learn from it...Good grappling tonight.

Thanks Beau.

BTW, i felt like i got a ton out of that role. IMO, the more rounds i go in a row with the same person, the more i'm able to begin to decipher a guy's patterns and tendencies and therefore improve... obviously 6 rounds wasn't enough :)

Was well written. Kudos to him, based on his expression he did not want to continue but good cornering kept him in the fight. It would have been easy for him to quit as he was getting battered, but sometimes hanging in there a little longer pays off. Sometimes it saves your life.

Hey congrats on making your pro debut! I'm sure you'll be back in the cage soon enough. Sounds like you had a great fight up until that point. best of luck man

Thanks bro, it's been four weeks and i'm almost completely over it. telling the story still stings a little bit, but that's not going away...

some famous (and undoubtably hansome)Italian once said:

"wadda ya do?"