My Proposed Rule Change Post World Championships

After the World Championships the IJF will finalize the rules that will govern all IJF tournaments up to and including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.  Here is my proposed change:

Current Rule:

"Penalized with Hansoku-make:
All attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt in Tachi-waza."

Modified Rule:

"Penalized with Shido

All attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt in Tachiwaza will be penalized with shido if the attack or block does not result in a score of Yuko or higher. There is no penalty for any attack below the belt if a score of yuko or higher is attained by the result of the attack, and the score shall be awarded."

1) This simple change would reintroduce POSITIVE scoring attacks and counterattacks that people complain have gone missing. 

2) It would still penalize the horrible flop/drop judo that was becoming more prevalent through the Beijing Olympics.

3) The "certainty"  that coaches want when a player touches or grabs a leg remains.  If it was a scoring throw during attack, block, or counterattack, it was a legitimate attack, if it wasn't a scoring throw it is a penalty.

4) The penalty system for a "false attack" becomes more consistent, fair, and in line with traditional standards. Direct Hansoku-make should be reserved for egregious actions.

5) All those critics have to shut up. Instead of complaining in the social media and blogosphere about the IJF "taking" techniques out of judo, the IJF silences them with this simple rule change.

6) Coaches and Players have to up their game to deal with far more variables and risk assessments making judo even more dynamic and interesting.

What do you guys think?



Overall I can agree with you. Removing all leg grabs was enough on the scoring side but to penalize so gravely for inadvertlyleg grabing/blocking the leg was too much. Shido it is.

I like it, nice take on modifying rules.

Shido it should be if the technique fails to score. But the way I do it, if they grab the legs and can actually throw for yuko or higher they get score and not the penalty.

It penalized bad attacks and stalling, but still scores good attacks.

Hi Playing,

I took one look at your post count and how long you've been here, and I've got to say I feel honored that you posted on one of my threads.

LOL. I've been very lazy in this forum....very lazy indeed....

I think Wang is gonna go apeshit and take gold at the WCs this weekend. How pissed would you be if you lost to a guy at the Olympics whom you had a 6-0 record against going into the games, and then that guy takes gold?

Word on the streets of Gyeonggi is that Wang coped with his Olympic shortcoming by locking himself up in one of Korea's ubiquitous love motels and banging a rotation of hot K-girls for about 72 hours.

Wang Ki-chun.....good for judo!

I like your rule change.

SG- thats funny. Wang will come out with a vengence.Let's seee what happens.