My PS3 locks up a lot

I've only played two games, Drakes Fortune and Ratchet and Clank. It's happened around 5 times so far and I haven't had my ps3 for more than a few weeks. Is this common? Should I go exchange it where I got it?

BTW Besides the whole locking up thing, the PS3 is really starting to grow on me. I really wish developers were smart enough to make games that took advantage of the PS3's power.

Mine usually doesnt lock up unless theres a fingerprint on the disk. How
and when is it locking up only trouble i had out of mine is i didnt have
enough airflow in my cabinet it turned itself off on me one day so i moved
it now it runs fine i turned mine up on its end seems to get more air that
way. Never understood how ps3 at walmart doesnt melt down from no air
getting to it.

It might be overheating.

you have a 1 year waranty anyway , if it does it too much , just call sony and they will take care of you.

If you haven't already try upgrading the Firmware, I remember mine locked up a lot after an update but the next week they released a new one and it hasn't locked up since.

OMG...what a piece of crap you bought.

Don't you know 450% of PS3s need to get replaced after 3 minutes.

Slippy, check if the blue and green power lights at the front are flashing when it locks up. Sony have said this is an indicator that it is.

I think Mjbreese is correct. It hasn't locked up since I updated it.

And it doesn't matter if some dumb light is blinking or not, if it pauses for an extended period of time (I waited 10 minutes once) then it's locked up.

Is it connected to the internet? If not, you should probably either download the most recent system update to a thumb drive or connect the PS3 to the internet and let it do it itself.

did you download and install your 37 updates this week?

Before mine stopped reading discs altogether, it was doing this..It is under warranty, if you havent been doing anything to the discs or console(modding, damaging etc) i would call up customer support and have it replaced.

 ^^^ LOL

I resent your implications meathook jones. My 4th xbox hasn't locked up once yet.