My question (copied from UG)

Great question. You know...there are two in the ring and one outside of the ring. Ring Enson thinks Outside the Ring Enson is a pussy. Ring Enson wouldn't tap even if he took a worse beating than the one he took from Igor. Ring Enson is willing to die in the ring. Ring Enson thinks of his fight with Igor and recalls the chances he had to change the momenteum in the fight. Thinks of what he needs to work on to crush his opponent if ever in the same situation. Call it stupid or crazy but that's the ring Enson. "There is no better way to die than in the mist of battle.......fighting to the very a man."

Now there is Outside the ring Enson and first of all he thinks Ring Enson is an absolute idiot. Outside the ring Enson watched the Enson vs Igor fight and cringed the wole 10 minutes. Felt a bit scared for the guy getting pounded by Igor only to realise that that was him. Watches the video and thinks that next time he should tap knowing all the damage that he received during that battle. He had a ruptured left eardrum, cracked jaw(right side), swollen brain, broken right index finger, and a liver count 2000x the normal person. I was hospitalized for 4 days and out of action for 3 months. The doctors told me that the swelling in my brain was very critical because bleeding in the brain could have easily occured...and if bleeding occured I wouldn't be typing this answer right now. "Realise when you are defeated, get out in one piece, learn, and live to fight another day."

I hope this answers your question. No I wouldn't tap. It may sound stupid but I would rather die than tap.

You're a stud! Crazy, but still a stud. Thanks for the response.

Enson I just gotta say you have more or at least as much heart as anyone that I've ever seen fight. Not to sound disrespectful, but you really took a beating from Igor and never looked like you wanted to quit. My question is if you were in that situation again would you do the same thing, or tap. I know you wouldn't want to tap, and you probably felt like you could catch him in a submission after he tired himself out, but for your own safety and health would you take a beating like that again. (Sorry if this was already asked I didn't have time to read all the other 547 posts. Holy shit 547 is that a record?)

This was copied and pasted from the UG thread so the 547 thing is irrelevant here.

Drift you're absolutely right! I couldn't agree with you more.


Not to speak for Enson, but I think that is exactly what happened.

Good call, Enson. Walk away while you still can. You had a great career.

Good thing outside the ring enson decides when inside the ring enson gets to appear.


That's great Enson.