My quick game plan review!

Hey everyone!

Everyone knows that I gave Lloyd grief about the shipping delay. and that I was concerned about it being rehashed Sports Psych stuff.

Well, I have listened to his intro CD, read the first chapter, and watched the DVD (twice)!

This is the best investment I have made in a long time! It goes way beyond basic Sports Psych stuff. It no magic, and you have to work, but its all in there!
I am impressed and blown away! 5 audio CDs, a DVD featuring Mike Fowler's game plan for USA vs. Brazil, the manual and a workbook! Unfreakingbelievable!



Cool.  Give us a little more info.  What does it specifically  address?

All I can really say is WOW! Not only is the game plan really good, but his follow up plan is as well.

I recieved in the mail today, a work sheet that goes along with the DVD.

The manual is 130 pages, the workbook is 79 pages, plus the DVD and audio CDs. The book has 7 sections dealing with Mental Preparation, and training your mind. Its the real deal.


Can you copy everything and send it to me?

Thanks in advance,

Rodney "copyright violator" Poldrack


Wait! a worksheet that goes wth the DVD? I didn't get one. Is it a book or a separate worksheet?

so I'm listening to the CDs (I'm on CD #2) and I can see why Lloyd would want to include Fowler's worksheet. So far the information is way too general / theoretical. Its seriously missing concrete examples. For example, it talks about being confident by being prepared and turning the negatives into positives. It would have been nice to then go into concrete BJJ examples..etc.

I'm hoping the Fowler worksheet will fill in the missing stuff.

where in the hell can you buy these ore are they really just for certain Grapplers??


email lloyd...please tell him I referred you!



"I recieved in the mail today, a work sheet that goes along with the DVD."

I did not receive any worksheet. Is this mailed separately? ttt for AWSolis.

I haven't gone through the whole thing yet, but the DVD and "worksheet" seem to have the nuts and bolts of putting together your own gameplan. The book and cd's deal with theory, while the workbook seems to be where you would apply your personal experiences and thoughts to the theories.

Again, I haven't gone through everything yet, but this seems to be what the Game Plan is all about.

the manual and workbook came together....the worksheet and the two critique certificates came separately. It was all part of the package I bought, plus the insider club web forum.



Starting to make a difference already!


How so?

Well, I now have goals to go for in each position. Instead of just "seeing what happens", I feel I am making things happen.

The mental rehearsal and de-stressing concepts have also helped out alot.


The anticipation is killing me! I ordered it the first day! I'm on the east coast of the US! It should be here! Aaaauuuugh! ;-)

He sends it priority from Maryland, so if you're in CT you should get it in a few days. Well worth the money, you will not be disappointed.

"Well, I now have goals to go for in each position. Instead of just "seeing what happens", I feel I am making things happen."

Well said Solis. I believe that this is part of the intent of building a Game Plan.

I'm having a problem with "which moves" to include, because right now I'm only good with the basics (if you watch the GamePlan DVD you'll know what I'm talking about, as Mike Fowler's Game Plan was FILLED with moves that I haven't even seen before).