My revenge on bullies two stories

All this talk about bullies and bullying I decided I'd start my own thread.  


My parents divorced when I was 10 and was raised primarily by a single mother we didn't have much money and I didn't have very nice clothes or gear when I played sports. So like all these kids do the kids who did have a father in the house and nice clothes and gear would pick on me because I was wearing second-hand clothes.

I managed to save up enough money to register for Little League baseball I had a second hand glove and old cleats but I was happy just to be there. 


Well after a few weeks of practice it was time for opening night all the teams would show up in their new uniforms and gear and line up on the fields and we would have a opening ceremony. 


There was these twin brothers on one of the other teams who obviously were better off than me and had brand new McGregor gloves cleats looking pretty good and there I was with my second hand gear they started chewing on me pretty good. 


All the parents were up in the stands and the coaches were up front close to the Baseline while all the kids were in the field so there were no parents or adults close by. So I had enough I freaking bum rushed their ass throwing Haymakers knocked the first guy down with one punch then proceeded to ground-and-pound the other one till he was a bloody mess by the time the coaches got there I had destroyed these two guys

Then these kids parents ran to the field called me an animal and demanded I be thrown off the league they rushed me up into the league president's office. 


Well by the time I got up there I was crying pretty good and the league president a real hip Cuban dude ask me what happened when I told him that they had been making fun of me because I had used clothes he immediately took my side and told the parents that they needed to teach their kids some manners

So no more problems from people at the baseball park that year or any other year for that matter





That was only one story

Best thing anyone ever did for those twins

I imagine their mom had fun washing their blood out of their new s*** that day

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That was only one story

Oh I got others one in particular I'm just waiting for this thread to heat up a little bit


Okay Story number 2. I was a pretty good student in school and by the time I got into junior high school it was definitely noted that I would be headed towards College. 


My mother thought that it would be a good idea that instead of attending a technical school like most people in my neighborhood would do I should go to a college prep school. 


Well me being Hispanic in a predominantly all white school was one problem me being poor in a predominantly rich people school was another problem.


So I was harassed and bullied pretty much every day about my clothes and lack of material things such as radios watches Etc remember I'm old there were no cell phones.


When lunch time at school came all the boys would have to line up in a long Hall and were monitored by a drill sergeant type Dean while the girls ate. Boys and girls had to eat separate.


Well that was a prime opportunity for the bullying assholes to single me out and start chewing on me


After a couple of weeks in the new school again I freaking had enough


Pretty much the same story bum-rushed a couple of guys bloodied  them up pretty good but this time the Drill Sergeant Dean who was white by the way snatched me up took me to the office and paddled me pretty good


Same outcome though nobody f*** with me for the rest of the time I was at that school and I had the last laugh I banged a couple of their girlfriends too

ill share mine, ifyou dont mind


unfortunately I was the bully in this situation

in the 8th grade, one of these girls would always tell us stories about her "supposed" fucked up home life and I always just thought she was making up these things to get attention from i would mock and call BS whenever she told us stories


she told us about how she tried to OD on pills once, and i straight up laughed in her face, thinking she was lying


fast forward a week or 2, and this girl shows up to class in tears...and the 13 yr old Cunt version of myself yelled out in the middle of class

"what's the matter, did you try to OD on children's tylenol or somethig?!?!"


she didnt show up to school the following week, turned out she really did try to kill herself like she said, and she ended up getting checked into a mental facility


now, ive never Physically bullied anyone, but I sure as hell verbally bullied this girl and, to a lesser extent, other people as well

at the time, i genuinely didnt consider that she was telling the truth, and if I had believed her, i wouldnt have bullied her like i did

but i didnt believe her and i did bully her, so that is a moot point

i tried to track her down and sent her a message on some book reading site she is a member of, apologizing for what i did to her over 20 years ago...havent heard back, but I'm going to go through social media and send her another message


what i did to that girl is one of the biggest regrets of my life

the least i can do , other than apologize, is that im raising my own kid to not make the same mistakes i did, and to reach out to the loners and weirdos at school, not to make fun of people, etc..

It sucks that you had it rough OP, but good on you for standing up for yourself and handling business the old fashioned way, with your fists.  

Eddie Huerta -

I imagine their mom had fun washing their blood out of their new s*** that day

Nice job, animal.


Kids can be such cunts.
In my own experience fighting or just showing the willingness to fight can be enough to make them quit or to move on to a easier target.
In many of the situations it seems like it was a check to see if you had the backbone to stand up for yourself,and thats one thing,two kids fight,then shake hands and make friends

In my brothers experience that was not the case,he beat seven shades of shit outta the guys bothering him but they would be on him the next school day anyway.

I thought of another story I'm involved in this but as a parent.


My two oldest sons are pretty close in age 16 months apart. They were pretty much best friends coming up and always had each other's back.


A new family moved into the neighborhood and had a son who was just a little bit older than my oldest but was like twice his size literally this kid was like 13 years old and already 6 foot tall and 200 pounds.


My wife and I had become friends with the parents but Ty their son had a chip on his shoulder and was pushing around my boys pretty much.


My oldest son came to me and said Dad Ty is just pushing us around he keeps beating us up.


I said to him I can't believe you guys are coming to me with this there are two of you and there is only one of him. note I did not tell them to gang up on him I just kind of put the idea in their head. 


The next day Ty's mom knocked at our door said my sons had teamed up on Ty and beat the brakes off of him. I explained that he had been pushing my boys around and was so big that they just did what they had to do she said she understood.


Fast forward, and my son's became best friends with Ty they were never apart my wife and I were good friends with the parents too. Turns out Ty had some emotional problems and what he really needed was some friends so he and my boys were close friends for years. The Three Musketeers they were Unstoppable

I’m totally surprised op was picked on by mean rich kids and beat them down two at a time while banging their girlfriends... didn’t see it going this way at all


I decided that I would give free MMA lessons to kids in my neighborhood that had been bullied in school my brother-in-law's a principal and my sister-in-law is also a principal I'm going to start there and they can give me referrals and  maybe I can help a couple kids


I don't recall ever getting revenge on anyone who bullied me, but when I was in Middle School & High School, I was one of those wimpy nerds. Never crossed my mind that I was usually bigger than the guys who picked on me.

Well, in college I started getting into Martial Arts, which led to Boxing & Muay Thai, competing, coaching, and promoting. I've re-established connections with a lot of the old gang from High School and its kinda satisfying to see their reaction to what I've done as in the world of combat sports. I even had 1 guy who used to pick on me contact me privately to apologize for having been a dick to me, asking if he was the reason I had become a fighter. I laughed and told him "Nah", he was small potatoes to the personal demons I was exorcising...

It wasn't much, but like I said, it was weirdly satisfying

what's the matter, did you try to OD on children's tylenol or somethig?!?!"