My reverse triangle setup (vid)

I posted awhile back about how I catch reverse triangles a lot and the setup I use, well I actually locked it in during competition! I thought I'd share the video so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the guy with it because rather than seatbelting him to finish, I tried for the kimura while he was tied up. Oh well, you'll see.

Here's my other two fights from the same day, I won both by gogoplata, woohoo!

Fight 2 -

Fight 3 -

Nice set ups.  You seemed more technical then the GB guy, but he was a little more grounded.    I love reverse triangles!


good stuff man.  was Laimon in attendance?  thought i heard him in the background

You know, I'm not sure what Laimon looks like and I didn't notice any excessive yelling because the parents were ALL screaming, haha. However, Kendall Grove was with the Cobra Kai team and he cornered for a lot of the kids. Seemed like a cool guy, too.