My review of "Clinch for MMA" book

I recently purchased "The Clinch for Mixed Martial Arts" by Mike Swain and Chuck Jefferson. I an a MMA fighter and coach and having a brown belt in judo, I like to incorporate no gi judo throws into my training.

First the good: If there is a judo throw that can be performed without the gi, it is in this book! The book breaks down throws into categories like leg attacks, forward throws, pickups, etc. Each technique is broken into 5-8 steps w/ correlating photographs and detailed written instruction. Typically the technique does not end with the throw, they often include the follow up pin or submission to transition into after the execution.

There is a great chapter on single leg and double leg takedown defense and a final chapter on partner training that has some excellent drills to perform.

Now the bad: The title of this book is a misnomer. In the introduction they say that you should master the clinch without striking and then integrate it in later. So what you are getting is a book about no gi judo. This book shows absolutely no striking and takedown options from the clinch. Some of the clinch options they show are just not practical in MMA but would work fine in submission grappling or a no gi judo situation and I think that at times it is apparent that while these guys are excellent judoka they are not well-rounded MMA fighters! The title of this book should have been "No Gi Judo".

Swain shows several types of clinch at the beginning of the book but doesn't show any transitions between them, which I feel is very important.

The throws are not labeled! To me this is the most frustrating part of the book. There is nothing to identify this throw! Ex. You couldn't say "I really like that "Dimelo" technique he shows!" instead it's "I like this technique on page 67"

Will this book help you learn no gi throws? Absolutely. Some of the techniques are not MMA applicable (but are great in submission grappling) but as many judoka already know not every throw is for you, you'll need to figure out which ones work in training. There is a ton of great information here and overall the book is very good.

3.5 out of 5.

you mean 7 out of ten?

14 out of 20 IMO.

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