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The Russians are poised and ready to take on the United States.
No, this is not a review of the movie Miracle, where Russia and the United States battled in Olympic ice hockey, it's Russia vs. the United States in mixed martial arts.

Saturday's Russian Invasion" show, sponsored by Euphoria Entertainment Inc., will be in the arena at the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City.

The martial-arts competition pits 10 fighters from each country against one another. The style of fighting is similar to the Ultimate Fighting Championships, where fighters use different types
of martial arts. Fights can go to the ground or end in a stand-up war, where victory can come by knockout, submission or judges' decision.

All of the Russian fighters are from the Red Devil Sports Club in St. Petersburg, Russia. Is is the only club St. Petersburg that trains professionals in mixed martial arts and combat sports. The club is also a member of the International Mix-Fight Association

Licensed matchmaker Miguel Iturrate picked the American fighters.

The Russian Red Devil team is a world-famous force in mixed martial arts," Iturrate said.

To get the American team together, we contacted fighters from the top MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) schools in the United States & Team Renzo Gracie, Miletich MA, Team AKA, American Top Team, Strasser's Freestyle Academy. We asked these schools for their up-and-coming guys, for the top fighters they are developing."

Most of the time, a fighter only worries about whom his opponent is. Saturday, some consideration will be given to where the opponent is from.

I feel (it is) somewhat of a pride thing," said U.S. fighter Justin Eilers of Nampa, Idaho, who also represents the Miletich Camp. aI mean the fight is a fight to me. I don't like the idea of losing to any man at any time.

But sitting here thinking about it, I can feel proud of the idea of representing the American flag. I am here to win for me, for my career, and this time for my country."

The Russians seem more businesslike, but they understand that this is country vs country.

When the fight is started, a fighter thinks only about the fight and only about victory," said Stanislav Khramov, executive director of the Red Devil team.

But, of course, if it's an international event, if the fighter wins, he is very proud for his country, especially if his opponent from another country."

The fight that is being billed the main event will have IMA heavyweight champion Roman Zentsov face off against Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Travis Wiuff of Team Extreme.

According to Khramov, this will be Zentsov's first fight in America, and he wants to put on a great show.

After the bouts, fighters from both countries will share training tips and handshakes. The only converstaion about cold will be drinks not the war. 25 years ago this probably wouldn't be possible but
things change. Al Michaels can ask again, "Do u believe in miracles?"

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