My same Noah situation

When I was in HIgh School I was ranked #1 in the state and had my first real hot piece of ass.  About 1 month before districts, I severley dislocated my ribs.  Instead of fighting back I was going to turn it in because I was hurt bad and had the love of a good woman.

My Assistant coach pulled me aside one day and said this:

"You are going to throw away your entire career for some whore that has screwed the entire team?  Your sitting there feeling sorry for yourself and she is loving evey minute of it because she is why you are quitting. I am not going to throw away 4 years of my fucking time becasue you get your first fucking pussy in your entire life!  You are going to start drilling today and you will be wreslting by districts.  After that you are going to fucking win the state title then I don't care who the hell you fuck, but you will at least know for the rest of your life that some bitch did not fuck you out of your dream."

I thank him for it every time I see him.

if I was Noah I would have broke up with that chick right there on national TV

Great story, Halz.

"if I was Noah I would have broke up with that chick right there on national TV"

Absolutely. And then get back with her later when he was famous and having ample tail chasing his ass...

"Halz shows us yet another fine example of Iowa wrestling coach motivation. lol"

And It worked... Halz ripped my head off at a couple Freestyle/Greco Tournaments later that year!

She dumped me 5 months later right before Jr. Nationals, however me and that coach are still great friends and I will never forget what he did for me.  When we are together drinking though he brings this story up and will tell any and everyone who will listen just to fuck with me in good way.

I think he's in Cedar Falls not Cedar Rapids....

Halz's coach words should be WRITTEN IN STONE!

Yep Cedar Falls. Only 2 hours from Davenport.

It is not your fault that you were brought up on the wrong side of I 80.  At least you are on the right side of I 35

thats a coach!!!

There isn't a cure for stupid.

White347LX...Burlington, huh?.. I'm from New London... What do you say to that? LOL!

halz that story seems alot like my high school wrestling coach except one big thing....

the guy he told it to listened...and then my coach went and got sent to jail for having sex with that girl!!!

well maybe not that girl but a girl!

LOL! Gabe is my cousin.... He's one of the reasons I got involved with BJJ/MMA...

Next thing you know your parent's turn out to be related...especially in S.E. Iowa.

Greg Halsor, Northea$t Iowa Elitest.

Coach was correct.

"Northea$t Iowa Elitest" - classic :)

My parents both still live in New London. I on the other hand am out here in Charleston, South Carolina....

That is cool, how is NC treating you?

SC... and it's good... Air Force is good......

How long have you had your Purple Belt now?