My San Da experience...

Hi Takada4life,

My sanda teacher recently took a holiday trip to China. While there he visited a martial arts gym teaching both wushu and sanda in the countryside of Henan. He was surprised to find out that they didn't know how to shin check. They have been either using footwork to avoid kicks, use hands/arms to parry the kick or to grab the kick into a wrestling technique. He ended up having to teach the shin check and the shin kick (gym belongs to a friend and is very new and inexperienced, especially in sanda). According to my teacher, you can tell which gym is more experienced by the way they train and the skils they teach. The gyms more exposed to full contact fighting (mainly in the city he said) all know the basic important skills such as shin check, shin kick, etc.

That hook type technique you mentioned I know by the name of "xia zuan quan" (downward drilling fist). I think they used a similar technique in old time boxing. There is another technique called "zhong zuan quan" (middle drilling fist) that has the thumbs ends down but it is not delivered as a hook. It is thrown much like a straight punch and is used to strike the body or as a counter against a loping hook/downward drilling fist. Bruce Lee's "Tao of JKD" shows what is called the corkscrew punch which is similar to these techniques but I am not 100% certain since it is only from pictures and writing. The techniques might be known by different names because I am using the terminologies of the style I learn.

Can I email you or you email me? I have some questions I think maybe better to ask you off forum. My email is . Thanx!

Shin kick definitely exists in Chinese martial arts and most of the san shou people I know use the shin. I suppose different "camps" do stuff differently. Actually, Xia Ba Hua used to teach at Beijing Institute and definitely uses the shin...

Hello all, well here I am in Beijing visiting relatives, sightseeing, and most importantly training in San Da !

Initial research told me that the Beijing University of Physical Education had a program in English. I soon found that travelling there would take an hour each way. Also, its rather expensive for the English instruction.

I did some research and found that a local gym had an instructor who would teach for far less, although only in Mandarin. (The gym also taught judo, TKD, and other combative Olympic sports) Now my Mandarin m is really bad, but with some effort and some sign language, it's working out. Some days I work out with local teenagers (male and female, on summer break) and on others it's just myself and the instructor.

The gym is of course, not anywhere as clean or modern as you'd find in North America. But
it does it job.

Anyway, some initial impressions.. the striking is similar to kickboxing.. but why
round kick with the instep only, no shin ?
I guess this doesn't exist in kungfu. Also,
there is a technique called bai quan which is like a hook but the thumb ends up down. Is this a common boxing technique ?

final note: my instructor said that female San Da (professional full contact) competition is starting next year


BTW, a lot of striking styles outside of Muay Thai use the instep of the foot to round kick. I've always kicked that way.


I am going to send you a personal email as I have a few questions as well for you.


Fantomas- No worries, hopefully I can help u with the questions.