my scooter wreck (pix) 



ouch. i'd like to see the scooter

good luck, guy



What type of scooter do you or rather did you drive? I've got a Yamaha BWS, love it.






i think this spat is entertaining.

Scooters are like fat chicks. Fun to ride as long as you friends don't see you doing it.



Does someone need a hug?

Sweet jesus it looks like you got beat down with a sledgehammer. Wear a helmet. They are a pain in the ass but its a lot easier to fix a broken arm or leg than a broken nugget.

You'll be fine. Jus rub a lil 'tussin on it.


I would have thought the guy from Good Charlotte could afford a real
chopper, not a vespa.


lmao @ Eric the Red

Don't be talking smack about the Air Force WPB.

for those who wanted to see my is on there now...peace...


ps: to anyone i offended, i apologize...jt