My Shriners Hospital visit for Fighting4Kidz pics

Today I went to the Shriners Hospital for Childern for their meet and greet with the fighters.

Let me tell you, I was completely overwhelmed and happy to be there sharing this experience with them... that's why I had to share it with the UG.

The kids lined up as they were given FREE OTM and TOE2TOE shirts as they were signed by fighters. You should have seen the excitement on their faces, too shy to ask for an autograph as their parents asked for them.... sooo cute!

Here are some of the pictures I took with my Blackberry.

Anthony Johnson and little Brandon

Anthony Johnson signing Luz Maria's Toe2Toe shirt

Awwwww... and this is the little boy that touched mine and Anthony's heart. This is little Isaac. He just got out of surgery last week. He is so cute and gave me a little kiss on my cheek.

Isaac kept on saying 'hat... hat' and Anthony handed him his hat and he loved it! Anthony was giving Isaac high fives and just hearing Isaacs chuckled made us laugh some more. He was soooooo adorable.

Anthony didn't want to say good-bye to Isaac and as soon as little Isaac said good-bye and gave me kiss on my cheek again. Anthony Johnson had tears in his eyes.

Foreals... this was a really great experience. I hope some of you are able to attend the fight tomorrow.

Thank you Fighting4Kidz! :)


So self-less...To allow those children the once in a lifetime opportunity of a picture with you, at no charge?

What a humanitarian...

The Angelina Jolie of MMA.


I hope the event goes great tomorrow!

Anthony has to be one of the biggest 170 pounders I've seen.

very very very cool Rara, a generous gesture.

I couldn't go to a place like that, I'd get too upset...

and huge props to whoever is putting on the event, I think this is just awesome.

 Yeah excellent job RARA,

There is always a soft spot in me when it comes to children.



I wouldn't be able to stop the tears..... thank you Miss RARA for the pics...  bless their little hearts.

Good luck on the event. :o)


 Thanks again....  for errythang!

Awwww thanks guys! :)

ttt for little Isaac! :)

Great work. May you guys be rewarded sevenfold for it.

ttt for missRaRa and little isaac

I wont attend, or watch, any card Mike Kyle is on.

Awesome visit for the kids though, good work.


After all he's probably going through, that moment made him the luckiest kid ever.


MissRARA - Hey LittleDick, this thread is about the kids and what a wonderful event Fighting4Kidz is... not me... but hey, thanks for posting in it ;)

don't you understand, he's "littlemick"? he's confrontational and funny. he puts people in their place!!!

be warned everyone ... if you post something, littlemick will be there to tear you a new one. HEEEE's soooo coooooooool!!!

 Awesome RaRa and AJ -