My sincere apologise to all.

First off let me apologise to my American friends. I have just made a dumb ass statement refering to the minority and it has upset the majority.

I am sorry, I am an ass hole for even using this sentence and upsetting you all. Man, I dont think straight at times.

I said 'thats what I like about you Americans, you always jock ride the winner.'

I was refering to a guy Jelly Nuts that had only been a member 7.7.02. (just adding date so I get him right and not call someone else by mistake) and I was basicly calling him a keyboard warrior.

I posted with anger and walked away, when I came back I thought, fuck me whats all the fuss about calling someone a jock rider? when I re-read, I have mentioned Americans..... big mistake, please forgive me in my moment of madness.

I have also had an e-mail from a friend calling me the biggest ass hole ever for even starting a thread the day after someone wins the UFC heavyweight title.

My timing has a lot to be desired.

I wish Mir the best of luck because he is going to need it to stay champ, but I do not take away my hatered for him. That is something I must come to terms with.

May be if I never fought Frank the night I found out about my father died, and also have someone running to tell tales on him, then may be I would not be so bitter against him.... so I accept it's my fault and I will have to face it.

My personal opinion stays the same... I feel Mir would never submitt me or KO me, but thats not a challenge it's a statement.

I know I will also get dissed for this thread, I think I have upset too many people already for them to calm down too.

Sorry if I have offended anyone. Bad timing and bad choice of words on my belaf for sure.

I also think I better switch off my pc before I hang myself even more.

Don't worry about it, Ian...I have no doubt you will kick Mir's ass if dana can make the rematch happen!!! Hope to see you back soon in the UFC.

You should have said "MMA fans", not "Americans"

Cooler head prevails. Just chill. The mature posters will get over the keyboard and the rest, well fuk'em. No one here was invited to ur house for Christmas Dinner anyway.

Where were you during the civil war?? We were mopping up the koreans and you british were clinging to planting trees in france!

Ever read the Uncle Remus story of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby?

Sometimes the more you fight, the more stuck ya git ;)

Much better, save the rage for the cage.

Ian always a pleasure watching you fight..

If it wasn't for [politics you would have fought on sat

classy! go machine

Ian, I have always seen you as confident,not cocky,and you have shown yourself to be a mature sportsman in victory and defeat. It looked to me like you caught an Arlofski thumb before he KOed you, but no excuses from you after that fight. You seem like a class guy, and this whole thing over the past day or so feels like an anomoly. My advice(worth exactly what you are paying for it) is to speak directly to Frank and clear the air,one way or another. Make sure your reason for disliking him is justified. I understand with the loss of your dad, your emotions had to be strained to breaking.

It's easy for things to get out of hand around here, what with real fighters,keyboard warriors,and just plain assholes with nothing better to do than talk shit to fighters whose jocks they are not worthy to carry all mixed in heated debate.

Most important thing in my opinion is to be true to your nature,speak your mind, and don't pull your punches, here or in the octogon.

Illigitimus Non Carborundum!(Don't let the bastards grind you down!)

I look forward to your next fight. Best of luck from one American who doesn't take internet talk personally.

I remember when this forum was crawling with people making fun of French people, every other thread was making fun of french people in one way or the other. And now suddenly it´s a no no to take a crack at americans? I didn´t agree with making fun of the french and i don´t agree with making fun of americans (if meant derogatory(sp?)), but still, there is a heavy double standard IMO.

Anytime some lesser countryman says something derogatory and stereotypical about Americans, it just burns my fucking ass, considering what we've done for this world.

It takes a big man to apologize, especially to the dominant American race.

"what you going to do when the RED WHITE and BLUE run wild on you?

LOL just kidding, but Ian it is a little fucked up that this "hatred" comes about after his win. But you have already stated that.

I do think you have a right to want a shot at him as you have been the only fighter to stop him. With that I'd contact Zuffa, if you can win a few in UFC to build it up this could be a big fight.

Don't apologize when you're right Ian.

cool just to have you here at all.

American's do jock ride winners.


In one of Ian Freeman's threads you said:
"Where were you during the civil war?? We were mopping up the koreans and you british were clinging to planting trees in france!"

What are you talking about? First of England played a huge role in the Korean war. I could go on and on about battles that England participated in. One famous note is when the Gloucester Regiment was awarded the Presidentail unit citation by the US government for its rear guard action against Korean and Chinese troops. They held their ground which permitted the US 8th Army to evacuate. Don't diss other countries if you dont know the facts.

I just got out of the US Marines--- and I have alot of respect and appreciation for the British. They are some of the toughest bastards out there.

haha international appreciation thread. it's straight, but
Frank's not cool cause he's american, he's cool b/c he acts
like aa heavyweight Gracie, that slick-jitsu just broke a main-
iac. That's cool! Ian's cool not cause he's British, but b'c he
was ever a ripped, roided, prodigy who trained since he was
6. he was (is) a tough SOB with no quit and a huge tattoo. To
continue the naitonality stuff, Georges St. Pierre is cool cause
he's french canadian. That accent, coupled w/ the thwampins
he's been delaing, is cool. I rest my case

Ian, I don't know if you saw this yet, it's from Ricardo Pires:

From: Ricardo F Pires 
Date: 06/21/04 07:30 PM
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Hey Man, this is Ricardo, Frank's trainer. Sorry to hear what you said about Frank, first of all, we did not know anyhting about your father untill after we got back from the hospital, about 06:00 AM. What this "FRIEND" of mine told is a total BS and it is something that me, Frank or anybody from our camp would never say or wish about anybody's parent. We were sorry for your father and we even talked about how hard it was for you to fight him in that situation. Next time you should ask us if this kind of shit is true. About you fighting him is something that Frank and all of us from his camp would love to have, he lost to you without giving any excuses. You were a better fighter that night and all the credits go to you and your trainer. Once again, congratulations for your win and WE are sorry for what happened to your father.
P.S.: The only friend we had there, went with us to the hospital like friends would and l bet my ass on them!

Best regards,

Ricardo Pires (Frank's trainer).