My Sister-In-Law Jessica Fitzgibbons ...

Hey Noelle, what type of talent does your agency rep? Are you taking submissions? I am in SAG/AFTRA. Thanks! =Jeff

Jeff, I'm head of the theatrical dept. at my agency ... as far as what type I rep ... I rep Roddy Piper, Big John McCarthy, Ken Shamrock, Heath Herring, Shannon Ritch from the fight world and from the action actor world I rep Tommy Rosales, Big Dave Mattey (you know him from Hancock), Anthony DeLongis, Vanessa VanderPluym and aw heck ... just look me up at imdb pro = Noelle Kim. Email is, feel free to send me pic, res and reel for consideration.





ought to change name "Fitzgibbons" to something less bizarre

Hey! I was born a Fitzgibbons ... how is that a bizarre name? It's frikkin' Irish ... sheesh

Noellee - In case you haven't seen her yet ... come out and support my brother Kirian's cool ass wife Jessica, GO Jess!

Noellee & Kirian.  Your parents were hippies weren't they?

I have this feeling that you are just as cool irl as you are on here.  

"GL" and "Kick ass" to your sis in law.


Thanks HJJ! (Humboldt's my favorite county btw)

My name is actually Noelle (does that make it less hippyish?) I was born in the 60's, Kirian in the 70's ... the odds of hippy parents are great I'd say.

And I'm WAY cooler in person! ;) On here I get pissed at anonymous keyboard warriors and just can't stop myself from pointing out what chickens I find them to be ... ah well, we all have our weaknesses, right?

Peace out.

 Good luck Jess!

: - )   Thanks Paw

id hit it after a 6 pack or vodka

Pfft ... yeah, right Ry ... in your dreams. Should I mention my brother is a Pat Miletich trained coach? Or should I mention that Gene LeBell is family to me? Either way, not a "how to win friends and influence people" statement. 

Humboldt JuiJitsu - Noellee & Kirian.  Your parents were hippies weren't they?

you know that's not how jiu jitsu is spelled, right?

I love whichever admin removed that other post!!! xoxoxoxo

Ryan MacLeod - I like female MMA, but don't know if I could pay to see an entire night of female only fights.

I would if they were all big name fighters.

Hey JFerris, got your email, let's talk in the next few weeks, interesting background you have, just don't know if you can act ... acting reel would be helpful. But you sure do have the action background of "my peeps". Thanks for sending.

TTT'in 'til the fight happens!