My Skylark is Painted

I just wanted to share the latest on my restoration project, my 65 Buick Skylark. I bought it in the summer of '05 and totally disassembled it the beginning of this year. It has just been sprayed with a sweet Hugger Orange tint. You can see more pics HERE.

I am still waiting on the motor, it should be on the dyno within the next two weeks. Hopefully it will be on the road this summer....Joe

I definitely will.

Damn.......pretty serious project and good progress time.

Very cool!

Beautiful color!

It has come along very quickly. I am building a house in the next couple months so that will put the brakes on it for a bit. I still need to complete the interior, new tranny & converter, fuel system (including nitrous), and obviously put it all back together.

I have had other projects in the past where I just threw them together, put motors in them and ran. The cars are cars I wish I still had today (65 Malibu SS, 72 Skylark, 77 V8 Monza), but I learned and promised I would not rush this car and that I would make everything right on it.

Off to OPGI and Summit to order some parts :).

What motor are you putting in it? What else are you doing performance wise? similar was the buick to the chevelle under the body?

Skylarks definitely do not have the value of a Chevelle/Malibu, but are close in value to the other GM A-Body cars (Cutlass/442, Lemans/GTO).

All the A-Bodies are built on the same platform, so underneath they are the same.

I am putting in a 489 big block Chevy (and getting flamed by Buick owners around the world :)). It is a standard bore 454 stroked .25". It is being built by T&L Engine Development in North Carolina. They build NASCAR motors and are breaking into the street market.

The main performance enhancement besides making everything as bulletproof as possible is going to be a 200-300 shot of nitrous (still sorting that out).

Friggin sweet Joe! One thing tho... WHy you takin so long???

Those boys on Spike TV would have that sucker done in 2 episodes? ;-)


They have better tools then me :).