My snake needs to eat, HELP!

I have a green anaconda that hasn't eaten in about four months. I'm not sure whether it's the rats I buy her or what, but she just doesn't eat them. Anyone have any advice?

No expierence with anacondas however I am familiar with a pro basketball player (not much NBA mostly over seas and CBA) in my home town who had them.

I recall that he said they, almost like ball pythons, will go off fed for long periods of time and if they aren't looking unhealthy it's no concern.

I also recall him saying that one of his would only eat in water, in the dark and with nobody in the room.

Maybe try some different feeding cirsumstances and see if they works.

I had a ball python. Luckily, he was not a picky eater. I often used the forums at for great advice.

hey guys. im keeping a crocodile in a wading pool out in the lawn and he hasnt eaten in a while. advice?

My croc would eat every other day: fish, chicken breasts, steaks, mice, etc. How big is you croc? Is he wild or captive bred?

How old is the Anaconda? Has anything husbandry related been changed
since the last time it has eaten? Have you always had the snake, or has it
just not eaten since you have had it? What is the temp and humidity in the
enclosure, when was the last shed?

If this is legit, how large/old is the anaconda, was it captive bred or wild caught and are you it's first owner, what conditions is it being kept in? If it's still smaller rats might even be too big, it might prefer mice, or chicks or something similar sized for now.

Well my anaconda "fluffy" is almost 2 years old. I am her first owner too. I have fed her many times before. She prefers to eat in the water but was attacked by a rat about 4 months ago and hasn't eaten since. I am really considering feeding her a chick though.

Ah feeding in the water was gonna be my next suggestion hehe... I'd say if it isn't losing weight don't worry and give it some more unmolested time. My king went off food for a few weeks once after trying unsuccessfully to down a far too large meal. Try some smaller stuff when you do try again.

Have you ever tried feeding pre-killed? It is actually a good practice to start if the snake can be switched over.

I wouldn't worry if the snake has good size, as it should be able to easily go a year without food if it is an average size two year old, just keep an eye on the size, if it's got good body to it I wouldn't worry too much.

You might try putting a pre-killed rat in the cage, covering the cage so the snake is not distracted and leave the rat in the cage over night.

If the snake still has not eaten in the next couple of months you can always take it in for a B12 shot, that usually gets them eating the same day. There is also a possibility that the snake got an infection from the bite (if the bite actually broke through), and sometimes that can keep them from eating.

The bite healed up pretty quick, only about a week or so. How do I know if the bite got infected?

I have fed her a dead mouse before. I got mad when the mouse bit her and I killed it on accident, then I moved the mouse around as if it were still running around and she ate it.

It depends on the type of infection. If the snake has a respiratory infection
you might be able to hear anywhere from a faint, to a very noticeable
whistle. Or you may be able to see fluid coming from the nostrils or
mouth. Any other infection would have to be diagnosed by a vet.

In my experience though the main contributing factors to a snake not
eating are because it is not being kept at the right temperature, or it does
not feel secure enough. Security is not usually a problem with large boids,
but it could be if the snake is kept in a high traffic area.

Do you have a reliable source to check the ambiant temperature and
humidity in the cage, and the temperature of her water? What are you
using as a heat source, and is the water by the heat source?

I have a heat panel on top of the aquarium and 2 heat pads underneath the tank. The water is on top of one of the heat pad areas, and  I also have a fish tank heater in the water tub.

My diamond occaisionally goes off rats.  Usually I just switch to mice for a while.  During winter he stops eating as well.  Good Luck.


How big is he? Try chicks, fish, turtles, other small birds or frogs. Maybe he neeeds variety, or more of a challenge.

It has been a while since I've logged on but thank you guys for the tips and suggestions.