My son is competing Friday in WNO

My son is in Austin TX preparing to take on Hassan Rida April 30 in The Who’s Number One grappling tournament. Wish him luck.


Good Luck to you’re son

and to you as well

Fucking autocorrect. I hate it. Haisam is how it’s spelled.

Thanks Ramon.

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He’s the one that got his black belt recently?

Seemed like an awesome dude in the video.

Hope he takes it home!

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Thanks guys. Yes, he just got his black belt.


Jed Jr is going to strangle this dude, then bang his mom!

Hell yes to my buddy jeds bloodline winning big battles on the mat!

Does he still have the family mustache?

Thanks KJ. Yes he still has the stache, but it still isn’t as bad ass as my stache.

You got to remind him of that. You’re a black belt in the mustache game!

Good luck to your boy. I’m sure he’ll do ya proud.

Thanks man.

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Good luck to your son!

Thanks Ninja.

I wish his opponent luck - he needs it :slight_smile:

Huge congrats on the new BB too!!!

Thanks Kirik