My son wants to join the Navy

You literally proved my point. Im all for working hard, as long as people learn and expand their abilities. However, as a Captain I choose to let people relax, when possible. If a person is a shithead I’ll deal with them, if they have potential, I’ll mentor them. I get it, shit can suck, life is hard months at sea sucks. However, we can mold the future, we can change the face of warfare, we can inspire the next generation. That’s pretty badass, regardless of the bullshit we all deal with. I hope you see problems and bitch out your leadership and I pray you watch over your seaman. If not contact me, ill enable you if you want to go AF.

My son says he’s fine with the Air Force and I told him I would be talking to an Air Force recruiter first. Any good advice for that? He’s not super athletic or studious yet (and neither was I at the same age), he’s going through the hardcore Gamer stage teenagers commonly do these days. Bright kid, but not ready for rigoroous academic or special forces track stuff right now, I’m mostly looking for something with good job prospects afterwards. I also bought that David Goggins book for his birthday hoping it would inspire him.

Maybe something in IT/programming?

For Air Force, anything Comm, intel, anything cyber. Or get into the space force it still falls under the Air Force and will be growing like crazy the next decade so he’ll likely get any school he wants and have tons of opportunities.

look at cyber security or a drone pilot, Im pretty sure they made that enlisted recently.

shoot me a dm if you want me to reach out to my buddy.

Dude the Navy has tons of shit dealing with computer tech. My buddy, well before he become a woke weirdo, he was a machinist like myself, and he transferred in to cryptography, requires top secret clearance. there’s also if you’re son is smart, Nuke’s, who get FAT signing bonus’s… well at least they used to, I dunno if they still do… we’re talking up there with SEALs, like $50k-$100k… but their schooling tough, and takes Forever!.. you only get that money after you finish all your schooling, it ain’t after u finish basic… finishing bootcamp is only the beginning.

But there’s IT’s in the Navy. I was a black shoe, which just means engineering, below deck… firefighters, locksmiths, machinists, bla bla bla…

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I joined with no computer or electronic knowledge. Just a quasi book smart kid. I was an IT2 and got out at 5 without a degree. I’d advise getting a degree but I never did. I make 200 a year so basically 4 star general pay and that was never in my enlisted future. There’s a great upside in the industry if you’re hungry.