My Sonics are effing up...... :-(

Idiots are "suspending negotiations" with head coach Nate McMillan until the end of the season. Which means he'll be the equivalent of a free agent. This is all going to end badly............

I can't imagine why they think not offering an extension to a fan and player favorite that has your team at 28-11 is a good idea.

They will deserve everything they get if he walks, IMO.

sonics now have a worse record then the kings, and are tied with the mavericks.

I don't think the Sonics are as "almost there" as the other teams he walked into were. I'd prefer they just let Nate finish what he started; Phil doesn't seem all that interested in ever coaching again from the couple of interviews I've seen.

BTW, the Sonics are currently 1.5 games behind Miami for 3rd-best record in the league.