My sons sht himself today at play park

So I took my wife and my kid out to the play park today
My wife just got off work at Hooters and still had her uniform on
There was another kid playing there and he yelled at wife WOW BOOBIES! And then the kid said “my mom said daddy likes cock and balls over boobies since he left mom for Mr Robert from the office”
My kid laughed so hard he sht his pants right on the spot!

We just Mexican food and beers like real father / sons do
after the other father ran out of the place in shame - so I let my kid draft out a bit before we left too

I chuckled...


lol, the "My kid laughed so hard he sht his pants right on the spot!" made it 5.75 out of 10.



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Soup Nazi -

This girl is cute, who is she?


For a bit she was the hottest thing on the net.

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how can you think up something like that? Lol

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