My Staples Revolution

Virat and Dongbar: the origin story. True events from 7/27/2015
10:45:58 AM Joe
Initial Question/Comment: Is item number WYF078277503688 a case of this product? if so What is the QTY of the case?
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10:50:04 AM Virat S.
Hello Joe, welcome to Staples Live Chat. I hope you're doing well. My name is Virat. I’d be happy to assist you with your inquiry.
10:51:14 AM Virat S.
Please allow me 2-3 minutes, let me check.
10:51:51 AM Joe
10:54:04 AM Virat S.
Joe, the price of this item is $85.47.
10:54:47 AM Joe
yes. i understand that. please answer the question i asked.
10:55:13 AM Virat S.
In order to buy the case please contact to Staples Advantage (877) 826-7755.
10:55:35 AM Joe
so is this a single item or a case?
10:56:14 AM Virat S.
Joe, Staples Advantage deals with the item in bulk.
10:56:55 AM Joe
i am refering to the item on your the website. All i am asking is what the item is specifically.
10:57:02 AM Joe
10:57:22 AM Joe
Is this a single gallon or a case
10:58:19 AM Virat S.
You will get the single item at $ 85.47 excluding all tax, not a case.
10:58:40 AM Virat S.
this a single gallon
10:59:12 AM Joe
if this is a single gallon, why is it roughly four times the price of the exact same item at the link below
10:59:14 AM Joe
11:00:54 AM Virat S.
Joe, the price of the items are decided by the manufacturer, I am sorry but this item # WYF078277503688 is of $ 85.47 per gallon.
11:01:57 AM Joe
i understand that. I am asking what the difference is between the two. They seem to be the exact same item. Only one is four times the price.
11:03:24 AM Virat S.
item # WYF078277503688 is a Deodorizing cleaner Application: Nonporous surface Applicable material: Fiberglass, glass and plastic Dirt type: Mildew, mold, bactericidal, virucidal Scent: Lemon Physical form: Liquid Product Type: Air freshener Country of Manufacture: United States Overall Product Weight: 37 lbs
11:03:49 AM Virat S.
And item # Multipurpose cleaner cuts through grease Kills E. coli, Staph, Salmonella, and other germs Concentrated formula makes up to 64 gallons Fresh lemon scent Use on glazed tile, floors, walls, porcelain, and more
11:04:44 AM Virat S.
For mare details you can contact the manufacturer Lysol 800-228-4722.
11:06:10 AM Joe
Yes i am able to read the descriptions too. Are you saying that the only difference is the description on your website? That does not seem reasonable. Contacting the manufacturer about your website would not do me much good. They are the same item.
11:06:29 AM Virat S.
Joe, For mare details you can contact the manufacturer Lysol 800-228-4722.
11:06:47 AM Joe
They will tell me that One gallong of Lysol deodorizing cleaner lemon is the same as one gallon of lysol deodorizing cleaner lemon.
11:06:48 AM Virat S.
As I have limited access for the item details.
11:07:10 AM Joe
Virat, your killing me
11:07:34 AM Virat S.
Joe, I am sorry but the price are set by the manufacturer.
11:08:06 AM Joe
37 lbs seems to be a bit much for one gallon of lysol don't you think?
11:08:18 AM Joe
Water weighs 8.34 lbs per gallon
11:08:56 AM Joe
I don't think that lysol is 4.44 times more dense than water
11:09:18 AM Joe
I will test the specific gravity but i am sure that it is not the case
11:09:34 AM Virat S.
Yes that is the difference which brings the price difference between both the items.
11:10:24 AM Joe
Ok what is accounting for this difference
11:10:29 AM Virat S.
For more details you can contact to the manufacturer Lysol 800-228-4722.
11:10:44 AM Joe
surely one gallon does not weigh almost 40 pounds
11:11:08 AM Joe
i have a gallon right here. it is not even close to 40 pounds
11:11:44 AM Virat S.
Joe, so do you want to buy a case or single item?
11:12:43 AM Joe
I would like to buy a case. Could you tell me what the ship weight is for item number 568527
11:12:59 AM Virat S.
11:14:14 AM Virat S.
The ship weight for this item is 9.30 pounds.
11:15:02 AM Virat S.
9.30 pounds per unit.
11:15:24 AM Virat S.
I am sorry we don't have this item in case.
11:16:24 AM Joe
Virat, You seem like a smart guy. If i told you that i had two of the same product in the same container. the only question is that there is an unknown qty in one of the shipments. I then told you that a single container ships at 9.3 lbls and the
11:16:41 AM Joe
uknown qty ships at roughly 37 lbs. what would you conclude?
11:17:45 AM Virat S.
Joe, as I am checking the weight of this item in my database its 9.30 pound per unit.
11:18:57 AM Joe
So the website is wrong? Item WYF078277503688 ships at 9.3 as well?
11:19:40 AM Virat S.
No the weight of item # WYF078277503688 is 37 pounds per unit.
11:20:03 AM Joe
ahhhh so we are back to my initial word problem
11:20:14 AM Virat S.
And the weight of item # 568527 is 9.30 pounds per unit.
11:20:54 AM Virat S.
I am sorry Joe if you have any problem related to this item please contact the manufacturer.
11:21:22 AM Virat S.
I am just saying you the information which I am able to see on my system
11:21:30 AM Joe
the ratio of 568527 to WYF078277503688 is roughly 3.9. This combined with the fact that the price is higher by a factor of ~4 would lead me to conclude that this is indeed a case of four gallons and not a single gallon
11:22:30 AM Virat S.
This both are different items so please don't compare the price and weight of this both items.
11:23:22 AM Joe
Well Virat, today is your day to shine! Today is your day to shake things up and not accept the status quo! Today will be a great day!
11:23:42 AM Virat S.
If you have any problem on this items, I would request you to please contact 1800-333-3330.
11:23:48 AM Joe
Today we will ask the hard questions!
11:23:51 AM Joe
11:23:54 AM Joe
Me and you!
11:23:59 AM Joe
Joe and Virat!
11:24:15 AM Virat S.
May I help you with anything else today?
11:24:26 AM Joe
Revolutions Virat...
11:24:35 AM Joe
a staples revolution...
11:25:02 AM Joe
one where we no longer accept the nonsensical quantities on the web site
11:26:04 AM Joe
We are going to shake things up, Virat!
11:26:13 AM Joe
They will sing of this day for generations
11:26:13 AM Virat S.
Joe, we do not decide the price of the items. It is decided by the manufacturer.
11:26:34 AM Joe
today yes.
11:26:45 AM Joe
11:26:53 AM Joe
11:27:05 AM Virat S.
Joe, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but could you please elaborate your query so that I can quickly help you to resolve this for you.
11:27:26 AM Joe
My query?
11:27:29 AM Joe
11:27:34 AM Joe
Justice is my query
11:28:24 AM Joe
From today forward Virat S. will be known as the custodian of justice!!
11:28:35 AM Virat S.
Joe, I am sorry, I am customer service representative not a jury.
11:28:54 AM Joe
No longer, Virat.
11:28:58 AM Joe
you are one thing
11:29:02 AM Joe
and one thing only
11:29:06 AM Joe
a leader
11:29:14 AM Joe
the leader Staples needs
11:29:25 AM Virat S.
God bless you for saying that.
11:29:43 AM Virat S.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with?
11:29:44 AM Joe
God bless you, Virat S.
11:29:49 AM Joe
and the glorious work you do
11:30:01 AM Joe
I need your help.
11:30:06 AM Joe
i cant do this alone
11:30:14 AM Joe
Joe an Virat S.
11:30:22 AM Joe
A team for the ages
11:30:55 AM Virat S.
Thank you for contacting Staples Live Customer Support today. Have a wonderful day!
11:31:11 AM Joe
I love you Virat
11:33:13 AM
Session Ended

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