My Star Wars Convention Pics

Damn I'm tired, a lot of fun's some pics.

Orli Shoshan..Shaak Ti in Ep.3

Jeremy Bulloch..original Boba Fett, who was really cool with my kids.

my buddy again..

That bastard Corey Feldman cutting in line..

A ton of work went into this one..

And..Olivia Munn from G4's Attack of the borrowed from the GeekGround.

Good times...



BTW, when I saw this pic:

it immediatley set off my "Cut the chatter, Red 2!" alarm.

I LOLed at a lot of those pics. That chick is hot too...


I thought the one from AOTS had bigger tits. I'm dissapointed.

lmao TPK!

Jim..cuz he's 5 and loves the camera, I expect him to be in movies when he grows up.

BTW, I don't get the Spiderman Stormtrooper. Why?

lol@ those fatties pretending they could fit into an x-wing cockpit

I'm not sure about the Spidey trooper either but it was different. There were even a few Indianna Jones' and Capt. Jack Sparrows walking around.

bet the kids had a blast....

i watched the shit on G4...looked like a good time minus the dorks.



..almost as much as I did, lol.

The Princess Leia dude made my penis shrivel up.  However the hot Princess Leia  chick saved my junk and this thread!

cool pics. looks like you had a good time

This was at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Hidan0616 I think you're right.

Hey yo Daddy, mesa wondering why no-sa Jar-Jar pics?

Yeah, Feldman was just cutting in front of everybody to get pics..he had some younger kids with him..maybe his. He tried to cut in front of a couple waiting to get David Prowse's autograph (orig. Darth Vader) with the.."hey I'm Corey Feldman" bit...Mr. Prowse calmly told him to wait his turn, lol.

..." Too bad they didn't have someone cool like you there."

OMG, you're saying the people there aren't dorks? Hell, it's a badge they proudly wear.

Shit, that DOES look like fun.

And I am quite the casual Star Wars fan.


"I just think it's a funny hearing a net nerd call someone a dork."

sorry if the dork comment got your panties in a bunch.