My Superman Man of Steel Re-Write Thread



Superman - The Man of Steel

Introduction - Background on Superman in the Movies

With today's technology, gifted actors, large hollywood budgets - it seems Warner Brothers / DC can not top their first two Superman movies which came out in 1978 and followed up with its sequel in 1980.  Since 1980, we've gotten two awful atrocious Superman 3 & 4, a very unsuccesful reboot / sequel in 2006 and finally, we have a much improved but very flawed reboot of the origin story in 2013.  Superman was published in 1938 and was the FIRST superhero to really make it big in mainstream America.  Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the character of Superman went throught changes before its ultiamte publication in 1938.  Since then, there have been successful comic books, tv shows, radio serials, and of course film.  It's fellow DC comic character Batman, who was published after Superman, went onto having much great success in film with two entirely different universes, one being gothic artsy director Tim Burton which interepted the character in a dark , mysterious, haunting character in a film noir-ish modern day 1940's city where crime overtakes the streets.  As successful as those two films were in the late 1989-1992, director Christopher Nolan took the character once again to box office heights with his three films beginning in 2005, continuing in 2008 and finally in 2012.  As glorious as Batman has became in mainstream, people still want the first DC character to really get the same treatment and great films as the Batman franchise.  But it keeps failing...

Richard Donner's Superman
Director Richard Donner took on the massive project of not making one but two Superman films.  The project was going over budget and the producers demanded he finish the first film so that they can earn their money back.  As Donner finished the first film, he had a major falling out with the producers , so ultimately they went their separate ways, with the producers hiring a director by the name of Richard Lester to finish up Superman 2.  After Superman was a massive box office success, Lester put out Superman 2 using footage from Richard Donner that he shot when doing the first movie.  The producers and Donner managed to get the world's biggest actor , Marlon Brando (The Godfather) to play Superman's father.  As for Superman, the studio naturally wanted someone they could sell to the audience, but Richard Donner was successful at picking an unknown for the part, a soap opera actor by the name of Christopher Reeve.  Reeve was a brilliant choice and nailed the role so perfect , that some consider it the best casting choice ever for any superhero film.  The chemistry between himself & Margot Kidder was amazing and the villain was played by A-List actor, Gene Hackman.  The film was huge and the sequel was always amazing.  Superman was a near perfect epic film.  Take a superhero and take the character and story seriously with amazing actors and great on screen chemistry and you have a great succesful film.  Also, make the film into an Epic, like Ben Hur or The Ten Commandments.  Story begins with Superman as a baby and the politics of his planet Krypton, even set up the second film with the villains in this one.  The second part is Clark Kent as a teenager in his small town of Smallville.  Finally, the third act is Clark Kent in Metropolis as a newspaper reporter and let the real plot begin as Superman must stop the evil Gene Hackman.  The only real problem is the whole Superman spinning the world backwards to reverse time was a little silly and Hackman played a goofball Lex Luthor rather than a serious menacing villain, but those things are forgiven since every other part of the film is fantastic. The sequel continues from the first one, following Clark as he doesn't want his super powers anymore, really develop the character even more, but also allow Superman to face some major threats to his world, General Zod (played by the great Terrance Stamp).  The second one not nearly as 'epic' as the first one in terms of scale, but the second one did develop Superman's character even more and allow his relationship to evolve with Lois Lane. 

Superman 3 & 4
When a film takes a huge success, it is natural for a studio to absolute ruin the franchise due to money making ideas.  Whats hip, whats hot - comedian Richard Pryor.  So they made him the star of Superman 3.  Instead of adapting any Superman comic stories or adapting any Superman comic characters, they decided to bank of using a popular comedian to carry the franchise, an idea that was just awful.  Superman 4 - The Quest for Peace was another awful attempt to cash in on Superman property.  The film was absolute garbage, but did manage to get Gene Hackman, Reeves, and Kidder all back.  The franchise was near dead after Superman 4.

Tim Burton's Batman
Batman franchise in the 80's had it's own issues.  Also struggling to get away from the camp version of the character, Batman was in desperate need to bring the character in a more serious light, following the footsteps of the comic books of a more dark tone thanks to Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns in 1986.  The studio decided to take a chance on Tim Burton, the director of Pee Wee Herman & Beetlejuice.  Burton was an artist, not a major comic book fan.  He wanted to do something darker and different with the characters from the comics.  He did enjoy the 1960's tv show, but he wanted to put his own dark gothic spin , which fit Batman perfectly.  Making him a bit nuts, darker, and no campy side-kick named Robin.  The producers and Burton convinced A-List actor Jack Nicholson to play the main villain, the Joker.  It was similar to how Marlon Brando lifted the Superman franchise.  Get an A-Lister, but not for the main character, but for the secondary iconic character to bring in that big name to the movie and give it a certain credibility.  Jack Nicholson didnt take the role as a silly comic book movie, he took it serious and made it work.  The risk by Warner Brothers paid off and Batman was the number one movie in 1989.  Thats what you do, create a serious movie with amazing actors and take the material seriously, not some silly comic book movie stuff... 


Superman Lives!
Not only did the dark and very serious Batman film do well, but even it's sequel made a ton of money as well.  It also helped a man by the name of Bruce Timm along with Paul Dini to launch Batman: The Animated Series.  Batman A.S. was not just an after thought of the Burton films, it went onto have a legacy as one of the best made cartoons ever.  Warner Brothers saw all of this and thought - wow, Batman is so succesful, but we still got Supermn franchise that can equal to Batman in terms of popularity, so we can make just as much money.  So Warner Brothers turned to the man that took Batman to new heights, Tim Burton, to duplicate his success with a famous comic book character.  A producer from Batman named Jon Peters had the rights to Superman and the studio was interested in making a modern day (late 90's) reboot of the character to make it fresh.  Kevin Smith, director of a small 30k indy film called Clerks, was brought to Warner Brothers to do some re-write work on scripts.  Kevin Smith is a huge comic book nerd and even owns a comic shop.  He makes tons of references of comic book mythology in his movies.  He is certainly considered 'one of the geeks like us'.   He was given a few options such as Beetlejuice sequel.  He did come across Superman script.  Kevin Smith was not aware Warner was interested in doing a fifth Superman movie.  The man in charge told Kevin Smith that he wasn't that high up to let Kevin Smith re-write Superman screenplay.  But he let Kevin take the script home to read it.  Kevin Smith came in and told the Warner Executive that the script was dumb and awful.  It was cheesy and campy.  Kevin Smith then dropped Superman knowledge and impressed the executive who then let Kevin Smith go up higher in the latter and talk to all the executives until he reached the head of Warner Brothers, who like the others was impressed with what he had to say, so he was hired to re-write Superman.  A dream come true for a comic book nerd.  But there was a catch.  He had to visit the producer, Jon Peters to talk about the project and to work together on Superman.  Kevin Smithw as horrified as he realied Jon Peters, the producer of the new Superman, was out of touch with the character and really had no concept of how to make a good Superman film.  He told Kevin Smith that he didn't want Superman to fly, he wanted him in a different suit - no red / blue, and in the third act , he wanted Superman to fight a giant spider because he was fascinated with insects.  Also, he wanted an action beat every ten-fifteen pages.  Kevin Smith found it difficult to do a Superman script with these conditions, but Jon Peters would call him up with more and more whacky ideas.  He really liked the success of Star Wars, which in 1997 was doing re-releases in theaters.  He wanted to make Superman into a Star Wars action adventure film.  He even mentioned that Superman should have a side-kick like Chewbacca.  He got even more weird as he told Kevin Smith that he wanted Sean Penn to play Superman.  Warner Brothers signed Tim Burton on who chose his own writers and Kevin Smith was kicked off. The version of what Kevin Smith wrote was based off the extremely popular Death of Superman 1993 comic series, where character Doomsday comes to Earth and kill Superman, only to be resurrected.  In the script, it featured Lex Luthor, Brianiac, & Doomsday.  A robot called the Eradicator, brings Superman to life after his death and he is reborn to fight Brianiac and Luthor to save the day.   Much of the same material was used in the other drafts of the script with Burton.  Tim Burton made an extremely interesting casting choice, oscar winner Nicholas Cage as Superman. Michael Keaton agreed to do a cameo, most likely playing Bruce Wayne at Superman's funeral.  Burton claimed that he chose Nic Cage because he could make the audience believe Cage was from a different planet.  More very interesting casting choices, Sandra Bullock as Lois Lane, Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, but the biggest surprise was Tim Allen from Home Improvement, a comedian actor, as Brianiac!  The film was set to debut in 1998, but the movie was going over budget and Warner was impatient.  The movie was cancelled and production was pulled.  Warner lost millions of dollars on the Superman Lives! project.  Tim Burton quoted it being the worst year of his life because of him fighting with studio and producer Jon Peters, however he had a deal which Warner paid him 10 million dollars for a film he didn't even begin shooting.  He left to make Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp.  When Batman & Robin tanked at the box office, Warner had its doubts in its comic book superhero franchises.  It seemed that once again the movie would not be made.

Superman vs. Batman ? 

Director Wolfgang Petersen was interested in doing a Batman vs. Superman movie and there was a big buzz on the project.  There was talks of younger great actors playing the parts, Josh Harnett & Christian Bale in talks for Superman while Colin Ferrall or Jude Law for Batman.  Another project was taking place with another reboot of Superman, director Brett Ratner & McG were both contenders and was in talks to direct.  There was a big rumor that McG (director of Charlie's Angels) wanted Keanu Reeves as Superman, Beyonce Knowles as Lois and Johnny Depp as Lex Luthor.  Brett Rater had ideas of having Anthony Hopkins as Jor El, Henry Cavill as Superman, Scarlett Johansson as Lois and Ralph Fiennes as Lex Luthor.  The project was also written by JJ Abrams titled FlyBoy.    The script was something completely different and did not follow superman mythology at all.  A very strange story where Jimmy Olsen was gay, Krypton did not explode, Lex Luthor was from Krypton.  The script was leaked and fans bashed it relentlessly.  Both projects were scrapped in favor of going with Chris Nolan and his Batman reboot.

Superman Returns
So Warner Brothers were watching Marvel Superhero films take up huge sucess at the box office.  The X-Men movies and more importantly Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films were taking off.  Warner had a strong Batman reboot already going, but they were interested in taking some of that Marvel success and bringing it to WB / DC.  The director of X-Men 1 and 2, Bryan Singer was interested in leaving X-Men 3 for Superman reboot.  Bryan Singer grew up on Donner film and left X-Men franchise that he started.  Ironically, the director attached to Superman, Brett Ratner, ended up doing X-Men 3.  Singer had two successful X-Men movies under his belt and Warner was confident in their decision with him.  Where do we begin with Superman Returns ?  I wouldn't call it a failure, I wouldn't call it a bad film...  I would just use the word disappointed.  The movie did not do as expected in the box office.  The film itself was nothing like his X-Men movies.  Bryan Singer directed a Superman film as a love letter to Richard Donner.  That would be the best way to describe Superman Returns.  Released in 2006, it stars Brandon Routh , an unknown like Reeves, as Superman.  Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey (also worked with Singer in Usual Suspects) as Lex Luthor.  The film was two and a half hours long with a boring plot.  The film had nothing going on.  Superman returns home after 6 years of searching Krypton for any survivors.  He goes back to Earth and finds out Lois is engaged with a child.  Lex Luthor plans on using crystals from Fortress of Solitude to destroy earth and creating a new Earth.  Superman did not throw one punch in two and a half hours.  There was no super villain.  Of the 200 million dollar budget, the movie featured a love triangle with Lois, Superman and her new fianace, the actor that played Cyclops in the X-Men movies.  The movie was long, boring, and not a lot of action.  At the end, Superman picks up the new continent which has kryponite inside and throws it into space, nearly killing him.  Superman then finds out the child was really his and lets Lois live her life with her new man.  This is NOT the Superman people wanted to see.  The actor Brandon Routh had a similar charm to Chris Reeves, but did not fill his shoes.  Routh didn't have material to make him shine.  His career took a hit and after the movie barely made its money back from its huge budget, warner Brothers did not want Bryan Singer to return.  Singer did interviews saying the sequel would be more action packed sci-fi with a super villain, but the fans did not support Singer or that version of Superman.  But with all the problems with Superman Returns, there was some really great moments in the film which actually stops it from being a bad film.  It did have some pros despite the movie overall being a disappointment.  The score by John Ottoman emulated John Williams origiinal score and was just as good.  An amazing title sequence that was a great homage to the original.  A lot of homages were fun in the film, but I think the film's strong suit was its atmosphere.  It had a cool Metropolis and Smallville.  The film looked good, great director of photography.  For the few action sequences like the plane crash or the city being destroyed, it was filmed nice.  Chris Nolan always had a problem with action scenes in his three Batman films, but Singer actually doesn't have that problem.  His main problem was a boring script.  The concept was that the audience was to buy this Superman as the true Superman 3.  This came after Superman 1 and 2, and we were to ignore Superman 3 and 4.  That was a great idea, I think no one had a problem with that.  The cast was so-so.  Spacey was great, but Bosworth just came across as stupid.  At one point Lois had to investigate Lex Luthor's boat, so she brings her child! What the fuck ?  Stuff like that was terrible, but there were nice moments in the film.  Routh looked like Superboy rather than Superman.  The whole ending with the boat was long, drawn out.  Luthor's plan made no sense and he wanted to start a new continent, but who the fuck would want to live on that thing ?  It was like a grey hell.  A lot of characters made dumb decisions.  At one point, Superman was stalking Lois, ease dropping on her private conversations with Richard.  Moments like this really turned fans against the movie.

Man of Steel
Finally, we come to the most recent film, Man of Steel.  After Warner dropped Singer, they really listened to Christopher Nolan because he was the guy that brought Batman back to mainstream success.  Nolan was interested in producing Man of Steel and Warner were certainly interested in the team who worked on The Dark Knight trilogy work on Superman and bring that success to Superman franchise.  Nolan producing, David GOyer writing, Hans Zimmer who did Batman score was signed to work on Superman.  The director was Zack Snyder who has an amazing eye for film.  300 & Watchmen were two other comic books he brought to life successfully. It seemed that this time, they would get it right.  And they almost did!  Man of Steel was a fun film, probably was a more serious realistic version from the Burton's SUperman Lives!  The problems people had with Superman Returns were worked on a little too much.  Superman Returns, there was not enough action, Man of Steel made up for that!  Too much action to the point where the audience couldn't take a breathe!  The film was similar to Dark Knight Trilogy in terms using established excellent actors that could fit the parts.  Henry Cavill, a british actor like Christian bale, who was known to the big film guys for his co-starring roles in Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust, Triston & Isdole and also known to anyone who watched the popular Showtime series 'The Tudors'.  Cavill looks the part and does a great job as Superman.  But he still does not top or even equal to Christopher Reeves, but the script is not perfect.  The movie plays in a lot of flashbacks, as Batman begins did.  In this movie, there is no kryponite, no Lex Luthor, no Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.  Lois Lane is played by Amy Adams and does not shine in this film.  She researches who the mysterious person is with super powers and discovers its Clark Kent,a  Smallville resident.  Things get fucked up when General Zod lands on Planet Earth to take it over, but Superman must stop him.  So the whole end of the film is one giant long action battle sequence that gives a lot of people a headache.  Then Lois and Superman fall in love out of nowhere, there wasn't enough time for the audience to invest in these characters, it just happens because the script and mythology says so.  The action was good, it was just too much.  We wanted action after Superman Returns, but not overkill.  It was compared to Transformers Dark of the Moon.  And after research, it turns out Zack Snyder hired the same cinematopher as Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon!  The rest of the cast was great.  Michael Shannon was an excellent reboot of Zod, Diane Lane & kevin costner were perfect as the adopted parents.  Russell Crowe gave a great performance as Jor-El and Laurence Fishbourne for the little few scenes he had, really was good as expected as Perry White.  The movie was fun, but it didn't have that same spark as the 1978 one.  Keep in mind, this is all my opinion, but Man of Steel certainly has mixed reviews.  Some love it, some hate it.  I liked it.  I didn't hate it and I thought it was even better than okay, but time will not be kind to this film.  Donner's film will continue to go down as the iconic version of what Superman movie and character is..  Nolan / Snyder did a good job with the material and the film, but it wasn't perfect. 


Man of Steel or Superman Returns ?
The answer is neither is better than the original.  But honestly, if you combined the two movies, you would get a great Superman film.  I would take 80 percent of Man of Steel and mix it with 20 percent of Superman Returns, and you could get a great film.  The atmosphere & tone of Superman Returns combined with the action and cast of Man of Steel, you could get a movie that was on par with Donner's film.  But that has to come from script first.  And rather than just bitching about what went wrong, I would suggest giving a summary of what could have been done right.

Re-Writing Man of Steel
I'm not a professional writer, but anyone who's read my Star Wars Prequel Rewrite thread that got alot of attention, this is just re-writing Superman mythology into a film series if I were to do it.  The thing is, I'm a huge fan of Superman.  I just love comic books & movies.  I don't think the comics nor the film are the true definition of Superman, but I do believe in certain elements of both define Superman.  The heroic traits, the iconic "S" sheild on his chest, the ultimate boy scout, the ultimate good guy, the orphan, etc.  I wouldn't worry about 'well, i have to make this world so Flash, Aqua Man, and Wonder Woman can fit in - nonsense.  I would present Smalleville and Metropolis.  Mention of Gotham City in dialogue and thats it.  No need to copy Avengers.  The main problem with DC comics is that each character's world is so completely different than the other.  Wonder Woman from a mystical island of all women.  Batman from the dark mob filled noir city of Gotham.  Superman is from Metropolis , a New York City type of city.  Aqua Man is in the fucking water.   I mean, none of this shit meshes well on film.  Avengers works because all the characters are from the real world.  Tony was in Malibu, California.  Hulk in Harlem.  Captain America in the 1940's, thawed out in New York City.  And Thor is from another world, but the film was based in New Mexico.  Pretty cool and they all meshed well.  I do applaud Nolan for making Gotham and Metropolis a 'real world', but then you have Krypton, which is so far from the Nolan's Gotham, its a real stretch to mesh it. 

The Cast
Henry Cavill works as Superman.  He looks the part.  The guy can act.  It's just the script from Man of Steel didn't do much for him.  We did get a bit of his upbringing with Johnathan and Martha Kent, and some would argue that was the best part of the film.  It actually had substance rather than the 30 minute Transformer action type of stuff that ultimately came out of nowhere.  I like Cavill as Superman.  I wouldn't have a problem with Matt Bomer.  Russell Crowe was fine as Jor El, but if we are talking dream cast, you have to pick the actor that was similar to Marlon Brando - the best actor on the planet to represent that role.  And in my opinion, you HAVE to pick Daniel Day Lewis.  No way in fucking hell he would ever take the part for no matter how much  money, but this is just imagining. And if we are going to have the greatest actor play his father, why not pick the best actress to play the mother - the beautiful Cate Blanchett.. I really like Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishbourne as the co-stars.  I would of course add any nerd for Jimmy Olsen.  I like Anton Yelch from Star Trek.. Michael Cera would work for me.  Jesse Eisenberg would be a fun choice too.  General Zod - I liked Michael Shannon, I'm a huge fan of his.  I loved 'Take Shelter' and if you haven't seen that, I would recommend it.  Before he was cast, I always envisioned Jeremy Irons for the role, but thats just me.  Yes, Irons is an iconic villain like his roles in Lion King & Die Hard, but he's never done a superhero film before.  And finally, the casting of Lois Lane.  To me, both Superman Returns & Man of Steel got it wrong.  Kate Bosworth absolutely sucked and was no Marget Kidder.  And Amy Adams was too sweet and not sassy enough to pull the Lois Lane role off.  You see, with Lois, she has to have that sassy bitchy no fear attitude.  Thats what made the relationship so great, because here is Lois, the bitch fall head over heels to a natural good guy.  Generally, a woman like that would go with another bad boy, but Lois is completely into the ultimate good guy.  Also, the good guys in the audience connect with the characters because a lot of us have seen that bitchy girl you would imagine she would go AGAINST the tide and fall for a good guy like us for once.  So who would I choose ?  A lot of the better choices like Kate Beckinsale are getting too old.  Amy Adams is too old, imo.  At first, I thought Katherine Heigl.  But after suggesting it and getting feedback from the Superman fans, they think she's not a good actress to play the role.  You also have to envision Cavill & Fishbourne with the actress because thats who will be on screen with her.  Ultimately, I would pick 29 year old Olivia Wilde.  She's the hottest actress in terms of beauty and mainstream roles.  She is gorgeous, a great actress and hasn't done a superhero movie YET.  She shined in Tron Legacy and was fun to watch in Cowboys & Aliens.  I think her and Cavill would work well together and she certainly could play a bitchy type of go getter woman.

The Story
I think if I were to do a Superman film and start at the beginning, I would took notes from both Man of Steel and Richard Donner's Superman.  You have to modernize Superman to fit into 2013. I think Zack Snyder did a good job at this, I just had a problem with the over action and the lack of character development as well as some other minor stuff, but not all films are as perfect as Godfather or Blade Runner.  First of all, its refreshing to get action in a Superman where he punches stuff unlike Superman Returns.  We needed an action flick, but we didn't need Transformers Michael Bay non-stop can't tell what the hell is going on action.  Not many people realize this, but the director of photography aka cinematographer was the same cinematopgrapher as Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon, which was unwatchable, in my opinion.  So it would be great to have a Superman movie about character development and a great action climax.  Superman 1978 didn't exactly have an epic Superman battling a super villain action packed climax.  It was just more flying around saving stuff.  So it would be great to have a little action here and there - but the end of the film, big action scene.  I like Sam Raimi Spider-Man in this regard.  You have to give it to Raimi, he knows how to pace his films.  Spider-Man 1 flowed very nicely.  A great action scene here and there - then BOOM, Goblin vs. Spider-Man at the end.  He paced it extremely well.  Zack Snyder just had one big 50 minute action scene where the audience couldn't breathe and it needed to calm down and let the audience see whats at stake before jumping straight to another action sequence.  Just too much.  Big action scene in Smallville, then he went to destroy that ship, then back to destroy another ship Zod was on, then back to the ground to face Zod one on one.  Nothing in between..  That is the main problem people had with Man of Steel.  It was more of a popcorn film than a great well made film like Dark Knight.  Dark Knight was a brilliant film, not just a popcorn Batman flick like Batman Forever.  It had major character development and the stakes were extremely high.  The events mattered.  A few cops die and the city goes insane.  Tons of buildings were toppled and thousands of innocent people died in Man of Steel and it didn't even seem to matter. 

Second thing I would change is obvious the other big problem of Man of Steel - the character development.  There was very little.  It had a little bit of Clark not being able to fit into the world and not knowing who he was and a somewhat self journey from a boy to Superman thanks for his father, Johnathan Kent.  It was good, and thats what the movie really needed to explore, it should have been the heart of the film instead of just part of the film.  The Lois and Superman relationship was absolutely awful written.  I mean, they just kiss out of nowhere.  No time for the film to concentrate on this relationship.  Look at the Donner film.  Lois had an interview with him on a roof top and the two just connected.  He then took her to fly with him over the city and they shared a moment.  You needed a scene like that in Man of Steel, but you had a tiny scene here and there and she just sort of likes Superman.  It really was poorly executed. 

Superman - The Last Son of Krypton

This is the title I would choose for my reboot of Superman.  Here's my idea for the story.  Basically the key theme in the movie is about a boy discovering who he is, not fitting into the world, and the main relationship is Kal-El with his father.  I would truly focus the movie on that relationship.  Clark is not fit for the world.  Johnathan shields him from the others to protect his identity.  Clark listens and loves Johnathan , but really wants to know who he is.  He follows Johnathan's teachings throughout his life.  He goes from town to town hiding who he is in a self discovery process.  But each time, the results are the same.  He does not fit in with the people.  He doesn't fit in with the world.  He is a man trying to discover where he belongs and this is tough.  Now Man of Steel touched on this, but then he finds Russell Crowe and "Hey guess what Mom?  I found my parents, I know everything!  Time to fight Zod for an hour!!".  That really hurt the movie.  They had a good idea going.  I really enjoyed seeing Clak trying to fit in, but couldn't.  His suit came out of nowhere and why he wore it, I still am not sure.  How the suit even appeared on the ship / fortress of solitude, I'm not sure, maybe I missed something.  But anyway, I feel that Clark should have trouble fitting in the world.  He is a loner.

Clark returns home and sees a big disaster event happening in Metropolis.  After a long heart to heart conversation, his mother reveals Johnathan's ultimate plan for Clark, which is to become a hero and help people using his abilities.  This provokes Clark to save the day at Metropolis in a small action scene.  Clark enjoys the glory and recgonition for his actions.  He then spends another night going from place to place in Metropolis saving people and stopping crime.  Lois is responsible for getting to the bottom of the mysterious person saving the day in Metropolis.   However instead of being labelled as a hero, the US Government is concerned about Superman and wants to question him.  They find him a threat because they can't control him.  It seems Clark can't even be accepted by the world even when he saves them.  Once again, he's labelled as an outcast.  He arranges a meeting with Lois Lane to give an exclusive interview in an attempt to calm down the people and to let them know he's a good guy.  So you can have a great moment of Lois & Superman.   After Superman and Lois meeting ends, Zod lands on Earth quietly with his two loyal followers.  I didn't like the idea of a ton of 'Supermen' in Man of Steel.  Less is more.  With only three characters with Super powers, this could make them more interesting instead of having background characters being equal to Superman.  The three can still have pose the biggest threat of Superman.  Now Zod is on Earth , not to find Kal-El, but to explore.  He is testing the planet to see if the planet can be transformed into a new Krypton.   

Superman is attacked by the military when he won't surrender to their forces.  He loses hope within mankind and leaves to the Artic.  He builds his Fortress of Sulitude using elements of his spacecraft he crash lands in.  Meanwhile, as Superman is by himself distancing himself from mankind, Zod and his two henchmen begin to invade the US.  They easily take over the White House.  After discovering a way to make his vessel work, he plans on leaving Earth.  But before, he wants to tell his mother good bye.  That is when he learns Zod is taking over. 

Next scene will be Zod & Superman.  This is the struggle Superman will deal with.  Zod was a friend of Superman's father.  Zod offers Superman a friendship.  That Zod plays the role of a 'dark' father.  Superman is able to connect with Zod more than humans.  Zod and Superman begin to discuss Krypton and when Superman came from (remember there is no father hologram yet at this point in time, so this 'Krypton' and 'Jor El' talk is the first time Superman is hearing about it).  Zod believes that Superman can side with them.  Zod offers him the world as he talks about his plan to possibly turn Earth into Krypton if the structure is good enough.  But Superman doesn't agree with this. Superman remembers Johnathan's teachings and refuses to join Zod on hurting any living thing for Zod's cause.

Next scene will be Zod & Superman.  This is the struggle Superman will deal with.  Zod was a friend of Superman's father.  Zod offers Superman a friendship.  That Zod plays the role of a 'dark' father.  Superman is able to connect with Zod more than humans.  Zod and Superman begin to discuss Krypton and when Superman came from (remember there is no father hologram yet at this point in time, so this 'Krypton' and 'Jor El' talk is the first time Superman is hearing about it).  Zod believes that Superman can side with them.  Zod offers him the world as he talks about his plan to possibly turn Earth into Krypton if the structure is good enough.  But Superman doesn't agree with this. Superman remembers Johnathan's teachings and refuses to join Zod on hurting any living thing for Zod's cause. 

The military and Superman are on bad terms at this point.  But Superman goes back to Lois Lane to tell her that they have to trust Superman.  Send a message to the US government that Superman has to stop Zod before he destroys a planet which could even be this one.  Lois is concerned and worried naturally, but wishes Superman the best.  Zod & his posse wait for Superman to join them on their ship.  Zod is like a father figure to Superman at this point in time, but here is the moment that Superman must realize who he is and who is real father is / was - Johnathan Kent.  Superman battles Zod & crew and tries to save the day, but fails.  Out matched, Superman has to retreat. 

Superman goes back to the fortress of solitude with a very important item he got from Zod, which was a crystal that sparks his real father Jor-El to appear in hologram to give him a pep talk.  Superman wants to know who he is and what his purpose was and that Jor El explains that his purpose is to live as one of them.  Be one of them.  Use his powers for the greater good.  And that is a human because although body structures may differ - the souls are all on an equal level.  We are all One.  Zod's two henchmen discover that Earth can be transformed into a New Krypton, which means the stakes are higher. 

A giant battle scene takes place in Metropolis streets.  Superman manages to take out the big henchman, Nom - while the Government helps out Superman take our Faora, so this is the relationship of the military and Superman coming to terms.  Now, its just a one on one battle with Zod.  There is more than just Transformers action here - its like a son versus father.  Superman's own kind and he must destroy him.  Zod and Superman have developed a relationship throughout the film and Superman identified with Zod, something he couldn't do all his life and it was great to find someone like him, not only that, but an older wiser person to give Superman guidence.  But now the fight isn't just a battle, its an inner struggle because Superman now has to defeat the last of his kind, the only person he truly was able to connect with.  But realizing who he is, he discovers he has to - defeat Zod, killing him to protect mankind....  To create an alias that gives him access to dangerous situations without arousing suspicion, Clark takes a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet where he bumps into things accidently to appear as clumsey.  He is introduced to Lois Lane by Perry. Clark smiles.  Stole that ending from Man of Steel, but it was really good, in my opinion...

So in conclusion, the idea of a boy discovering his identity through Johnathan Kent & Zod.  The "Last Son of Krypton" meaning after Zod died, he truly is the last of Krypton, thus the title fitting the story perfect.  Clark is a loner, trying to find his place in society and the character development is finding his place - saving the world in the threat of danger.  Lois and Superman do have character development, but never fall in love just yet.  Superman gives Lois the only interaction and Lois is able to connect with him and develops feelings for him.  Superman does the same, but the problem is he doesn't believe that it will work simply because he went through his whole life being different, so his feelings for Lois in the scenes, he hides them within.  But the relationship can grow in the next movie, I suppose.   After the end of credits, a man is sitting at his desk in the shadows.  A woman approaches , handcuffed to a brief case.  The man closes his newspaper he's reading to view the contents of the briefcase, which is a glowing green rock.  The man is Lex Luthor..Billy Zane cameo.


Superman - The Man of Steel

This is going to sound insane, but model the sequel to 'Last Son of Krypton' after Godfather II.  This is the movie where I show Krypton being destroyed.  The same thing as Godfather II where you show the father's upbringing and focus on a sequel to Michael's story as the Godfather, I would honestly do that in this movie.  Have two stories,  It would just be really unique for a comic book movie.  In Richard Donner's Superman , he broke the movie into three parts - Krypton, Smalleville, and then Metropolis.  They all connect well and is about the journey of Clark turning from a baby in Krypton to a boy in Smalleville to a man / Superman in Metropolis.  The beginning of the movie is Krypton's destruction and the politics of the planet.  Can even bring in Zod back which would be interesting.   In present day, Clark is being Clark Kent, Daily Planet nerdy reporter.  He begins to give into his feelings for Lois Lane.  The two share chemistry and develop a relationship throughout the film.  The antiagonist is Lex Luthor (Billy Zane), who believes that Kal El is the utlimate illegal immigrant.  He feels Superman is a threat to his organization and also feels neglected by the world.  Luthor was able to focus on helping build Metropolis after Zod fiasco, but everyone continues to discuss Superman as the true hero of Metropolis.  Luthor's character is a neglected, jealous individual with incredible amount of intelligence.  However, his inner demons is that he is a person that really doesn't fit into the world like Superman did in the first film.  It seems his position where he was suppose to be has been taken from him by Superman.  He was raised to be a successful businessman and then a politician, but his life course has been altered because of Superman.  He couldn't live up to his father's expectations of being successful and didn't have the great father that Superman had, his was more abusive.  Soon, Luthor begins to use his science department to discover the true weakness of Superman - Kryptonite.  A dying man named Corbin is the volunteer for an illegal experiment using Kryptonite in his body.  A former marine who lost limbs in a war with Zod's crew, Luthor gives him a new body, metal parts, metal arm, metal leg, and Kryptonite in his blood stream.  Luthor manipulates Corbin into believing if Superman didn't exists, Zod would have never brought the war to Earth, thus losing his limbs.  He blames the alien for his problems.  This provokes an epic fight in Metropolis with Metallo (Corbin) & Superman. 

Metallo gets the best of Superman.  Superman confused as to know how he is losing.  Superman must have an inner struggle to choose whats more important , his normal life of love with Lois or his heroic mission of saving the day.  He is battling who he is Clark or Superman.  He came to terms in the last movie that he is Superman, but he has to separate that persona with Clark Kent in order to protect himself and the ones he cares about.  With the loss to Metallo, Clark has to decide which life he wants to pursue for his future.  What does he want in this world now that he is accepted ??  Does he want to be a loving husband, employee at Daily Planet ?  Or does he want to continue to save the day as a hero because no one else can ?  He realizes that people want him killed.  Should he just give up Superman to live a quiet life with Lois ?  Lex Luthor is revealed to be behind the plot to eliminate Superman, and Superman must act.  Superman knows the Kryponite could kill him and he doesn't want to put Lois through that pain.  He tells Lois he can't be with her, saving the world from evil and having a personal life is nearly impossible.  Lois character development is understanding his pain and choosing her own path which is to be with Superman and take the same risks he takes.  Superman knows he can't kill humans no matter how hard they try to kill him..  That he just doesn't have it in him to kill them to make sure they never try to hurt him or his love ever again.  He knows theres always that possiblity of them escaping or being released from jail to hunt Superman for revenge.  Its an internal struggle.  The lessons learned from Johnathan Kent.   Superman defeats Metallo in a deadly DEADLY battle, but then Lex Luthor gets in the giant Krypontie Suit from the comics to battle Superman one on one.  Superman of course defeats Luthor, but sends him to jail instead of killing him.  Lois reunites with Superman and Clark asks Lois to marry him.  The idol casting I have in mind is Billy Zane for Lex Luthor & Paul Bettany for Metallo.  Sam Worthington would be a solid choice, but it is extremely way too close to the role in Terminator Salvation. 

For me Man of Steel was superior to the Reeves films.. I loathe Superman comics, but enjoyed all of the movies after reeves took the helm. 

On Krypton, Kor El makes a strong case on the courts of Krypton that the world is about to die and to hault the Kryponite Project.  The Kryponite Project produces massive amounts of energy across the planet to save it and creating a new engery for the people of Krypton, however it will only add to the destruction of the planet.  The council votes down Kor El.  The planet is doomed.  As Jor El leaves, we are introduced to General Zod.  The two are friends and see eye to eye on the subject.  Jor El urges that the council should be evacuating the planet instead of creating a new energy source that could harm the planet.  General Zod tells Jor El that his small army will take over the council and eliminate the dangerous Kryponite project.  Jor El says he should not kill anyone and that it would urge them to push through the Kryponite energy, thus causing the planet more harm.  Zod doesn't agree.  He feels he needs to overthrow the council.  The two fight for the same side, but don't see eye to eye on how to do it.  Zod believes in saving Krypton with brute force and violence, where as Jor El is more diplomatic about the situation and tries to ease the tension and concentrate on an evacuation route.  Jor El does not believe in killing.  General Zod goes rogue with his men.  The rebellious group begins to start an inner war within Krypton.  General Zod eventually gets captured by the Kryptonian Army.  The vote goes down to Jor El.  The rules and laws of Krypton state that killing is prohibited.  Zod feels that rule must have been broken to save the planet, but Jor El believes in the laws of Krypton.  He votes for Zod imprisonment.  Zod feels betrayed because he fought for Jor El's cause.  Zod is cast with his men into the Phantom Zone, which is an imprisonment.  Jor El shares a moment with his wife.  The two send Kal El away to Planet Earth where he will be raised by the people and become a great man one day.  The shuttle launches and Krypton begins to self destruct.  Jor El & Lara die together..

Now two different stories - but they should intersect.  I feel that the two stories should relate toward each other.  The belief that death and violence does not solve anything, but only makes matters worse.  I feel that the Krypton exploding and Lois & Clark kissing and getting married should be a metaphor of life & death - that its a cycle of life.  Jor El and Lara died , but Clark survives and lives to love Lois - thus hinting another cycle of life and death. Romance being a spark for birth of a newborn thus the cycle of life continues.  You could have Luthor and the Council be similar in terms of their the top of the food chain of society yet their selfish decisions ultimately spell out doom for themselves.  You could intersect the two stories even more, but create an interesting cross between the two.  After Lois & Superman kiss, Luthor is in jail and the credits roll.....After scene credits, a small metorite lands on Earth.  Boom...Boom....Booom.....BOOOM!!!  A fist breaks open the metorite as the metorite is revealed as a ship and the fist that breaks it is shown, a gray fist with gray spikes on it.



Superman - Legacy

The third chapter in my Superman movie story ideas.  This one is based off of the 1993 famous storyline that rocked the comic book world, The Death of Superman.  Also, its the Superman Lives! movie that was never made by Warner Brothers.  I was always interested in the pre production stories of Superman Lives, I wanted to see the movie get made, but with Burton behind the movie and with Tim Allen and Nic Cage, I am not sure too many people would have fully embraced that version.  Well, I have my own version in my head and its not quite like the one Burton was going to do... 

I want to do Doomsday & Brainiac in this chapter.  I think these are the two famous characters that never got Hollywood treatment and I feel that the characters are iconic enough to where they deserve the treatment.  Now, if you're reading this and you liked my first two movie ideas, then I hope this one delivers too because there is always that threequel curse.  First let me cast Brainiac - I go with Jason Issacs.  I feel he has that menacing edge to him and can play a robot / alien well, imo.  I wouldn't mind Matthew Goode from Watchmen either.  Also, Michael Sheen might do very well and plus I don't think he's been in any comic book movies. 

Onto the story, Lois & Clark are married on their honeymoon when suddenly they get the news an alien beast is tearing up Metropolis.  Clark made promises to Lois that he would spend time with her.  Lois doesn't want him to go, let the military handle it, but Clark knows that its an emergency.  Superman has a quick battle with Doomsday, but Doomsday escapes.  A giant ship flies near planet Earth.  It's Brainiac's ship.  Superman flies to make contact with it as to find out if there is any danger involved.  Brianiac and Superman meet on his ship.  Brianiac claims he is an observer of different planets and species.  He is here only to track the Doomsday creature and nothing more, does not want to harm Earth or Superman at all.  He was tracking Doomsday's ship which is why he was there, but he finds Earth to be harmless to his species.  Their technology is not as advanced.  Brainiac travels to different worlds to learn from their technology to improve on their own.  He is a mix of alien and robot.  His ship is amazing.  Superman knows Doomsday is out there on the planet and knows he must save the people of Earth.  Brainiac informs him that it will take approx 300 to 400 humans to stop the beast.  Superman chances of survival are slim to none.  Superman makes a choice, save 300 humans to stop him even if it costs him his life..  Brainiac informs him that the world will be better off with Superman than without and it makes more sense to let the humans stop Doomsday because overall it could save more lives in the long run with Superman alive.  Superman replies to Brainiac that he doesn't know what it means to be human and have a soul. 

Superman and Lois share an intimate 'good bye' moment as Superman believes this may be their last encounter because he knows he has to fight Doomsday.  Superman shares one last kiss and leaves.   Destruction in Metropolis as Doomsday returns full strength.  Superman rushes to save the people of Metropolis.  The two collide and have a long exciting epic battle in the streets, with the two ultimately killing each other.  Superman dies and Lois holds him crying.  Brainiac witnesses from his ship.  Brainiac's ship takes the body of Doomsday onto his ship.  There it is discovered that Brainiac has a ton of dead Doomsday corpses on his ship.  Brainiac seems to have a hidden agenda for his Earth visit unknown to anyone.

A massive funeral is held in memory of Superman.  Lois, Jimmy and Perry are all there, cameo by Christian Bale?  Maybe?   While the funeral is happening, we pan to the Fortress of Solitude where a machine is activitated.  Crystals begin to glow, technology from the Fortress of Solitude beging to form.  The streets are riddled with crime.  A lone hero named Erik King builds his own Superman steel suit with a sledge hammer to enforce crime in honor of his hero, Superman.  Superman's legacy lives on.  At a Government top secret building, Superman's body is being tested and examined.  Scientists are baffled by his corpse.  Meanwhile, a mysterious robot enters the government lab, breaking into the building using its technology.  Eliminating security cameras, codes, etc..  The mysterious robot enters the Superman room and the guards are alerted to his presence.  They begin to fire their guns and a battle ensues.  The robot is able to kidnap Superman's body and leave. 

Lois Lane is investigating the disappearence of Superman.  She needs the help of Lex Luthor for his resources to discover where Superman went.  Luthor returns.  Naturally, he tells Lois that he can help.  Luthor was able to free himself out of jail with his powerful attorneys and corruption a while back.  But his people figure out the robot was alien origin and not Luthor Corp.  He concludes that the mysterious ship outside of Earth is responsible.  He convinces everyone that the ship has the body of Superman.  The character of Brainiac is unknown to the people of Earth.  Lex Luthor volunteers to use his resources to contact the alien to retrieve Superman.  The People of Earth demand Superman have a proper burial on Earth as he was an adopted son of earth. People know there are people who love him and know who he really is and want him on Earth.  It's the least they can do for the man who saved so many lives. Luthor refuses to make contact with the Brainiac ship unless he is the one that is part of the contact mission for peace with the mysterious creature.  They agree to Luthor's wish. Luthor wishes to discuss Superman's death with Brainiac and provide information about Superman who is part of an extinct race.  Luthor uses Kryponite as leverage to catch Brianiac's attention, since Krypton is destroyed and not much information is known to Brainiac about Kryponite & Superman.  Brainiac wants the Kryponite and sends a ship for the Kryponite.  Luthor is the one that goes to Brainiac's ship.

Luthor and Brainiac meet.  Luthor has a team of people with him as observers.  Brainiac is interested in Kryponite, Luthor wants to swap the metorite material for Superman's corpse.  Brainiac reveals he doesn't have Superman's body.  That was not him.  Luthor is confused and says thats not possible.  Luthor figures out that the alien technology that kidnapped Superman's body was not Brainiac but Kryptonian technology.  Luthor gives the Kryptonite to Brainiac and begins to leave the ship.  Brainiac breaks the Kryptonite in his hand and kills Luthor's people.  Brainiac reveals his true identity of who he is.   He is not interested in Kryptonite, but something much much bigger.  Brainiac demands for Luthor to locate what he has came to Earth for - the remaining technology that Brainiac does not poccess.  The Eradicator.  He wanted Superman dead to activate and kick start the Eradicator.  Kryptonian technology that can bring back life to the dead.  We pan to Fortress of Solitude where the Eradicator prepares to give Superman a new life.   Brainiac wants that technology to save his own species, and cheat death.  The Kryptonians only use that technology because they value life so much, but its a technology Brainiac wants.. Lois intercepting the conversation knows that Superman's body is still on Earth.  She enlists the help of vigilante Steel to help her get to the Fortress of Solitude.  She trusts him and only him.  We can say Steel was a former pilot, that way we can get the two characters to the Artic to get into Fortress of Solitude. 


Luthor is now on a mission to give the Eradicator over to Brainiac to save Earth as Brainiac threatens to destroy it if the people of Earth hides the Eradicator from him.  Luthor also had his people track Lois because he knew Lois knew more than what she told people.  Luthor heads over to Fortress of Solitude.  Luthor will take the Eradicator technology and give it to Brainiac. 

Steel battles Luthor and his people.  Luthor gets the upper hand.  The Eradicator is now in the hands of Luthor and on its way to Brainiac.  Luthor boards his ship one more time and hands over the technology.  While on the ship, Luthor once again betrays another - this time Brianiac.  On board the second time, Luthor is able to steal technology from Brainiac without his knowledge.  Luthor is able to leave the ship with a key element of the ship (whatever u want to call it - just a plot device).  Brianiac learns of this and knows his technology is now in the hands of Luthor and the people of Earth, which makes them a danger to Brianiac.  Brainiac's species are a group that is all about survival.  With their technology in the hands of a person like Luthor concerns Brainiac.  He begins to invade the Planet Earth in retaliation. 

As Brainiac is about to unleash hell, the moment we've all been waiting for - Superman Returns!  With black outfit with no cape and a mullet circa 1993!  Superman returns to Metropolis to fight Brainiac's forces.  For this is my third Superman movie idea, so the idea of a giant scale war is saved for the third one, just like every trilogy, the biggest battle is for last.  Not Transformers 3 action, but bigger scale than the last ones.  You can throw in a giant spider at this point if you'd like!  But a grand battle takes place.  Superman is able to face Brainiac one on one in his ship where he naturally defeats and kills Brainiac.  The Man of Steel has returned and saved the day.  You can even have a scene where Lois is about to die, but Eradicator saves her which would be fun and that way the audience doesn't forget about the robot character.

Lois and Superman have a moment after the crazy battle.  The kiss, etc, etc...   The End...

Well, now I want to go over some character metaphors for my third superman movie idea - Legacy.  You see, Superman mythology is close to religious figures.  With the first one, it was Moses.  Second one was a 'David versus Goliath' metaphor with Superman being the David and Kryponite (Luthor / Metallo) being the Goliath and him having to overcome that. Also, the other part of the second film is Biblical character of God being Jor El, Superman's father and casts Zod out of Krypton (the same way God casts Lucifer out of Heaven)...  The third one, Jesus Christ.  Now Jesus died for the people, rose from the dead three days later, which by the way , the movie takes place in three days.  Superman sacraficed himself for the people.  He was betrayed by Judas (Lex Luthor).  And Brainiac is like Pontius Pilate possibly, just ready to destroy Superman and his people.  It wouldn't reflect the stories directly, but be somewhat of a metaphor.   So this third one is about sacrafice.  The first movie, he learned who he was, birth.  The second movie he learned love and life.  And now in this third movie, death....  I know I will get crap for having Superman not in the middle of the movie, and its Lois Lane's story and still have Steel carry action sequences with the disappearance of Superman - but I really wanted to do the Death of Superman storyline and a version of Superman Lives! that I would do. 

So there you have it folks.  Superman Trilogy, trying to hit all targets , getting all the characters in , giving them purpose for being in the story rather than just being in there like Bane in Batman & Robin.  Trying to create character arcs of Superman & Lois Lane.  Trying to connect the movies about Birth, Life, and then Death.  Trying to be faithful to the comics with taking Superman mythology and making a transition to the big screen.  Trying to come up with a solution with how to make a good Superman movie that can honor the first one yet update it for our generation!  Bryan Singer was too much of an homage to Donner film, the fans didnt accept.  Zack Snyder did too much updating in Transformers style which fans didn't accept.  I tried to keep a balance and do my own story using elements from all Superman movies and the comic book...And the MOST important thing of all about why I'm writing this freaking Superman story - is to ENTERTAIN YOU!  The fans of comic books.  The fans of Superman!!

And of course I have a fourth movie with Darkseid just for the hell of it, but that's another day.



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FRAT for later!!!! Always cool to hear the thoughts of a devout geek! I'm pretty much the same way, but don't have the time or energy to write all that stuff.

You should do one for the X-men movies. They're probably the biggest missed opportunity in all of movie-dom, right after the Star Wars prequels, imo.

Loved the star wars thread, but I don't like the idea of superman being married man :-\

Now i didnt read thru all of it. Skimmed it more or less but I like most of it.

I sorta agree with superman 2 idea of showing krypton. We would have cared more that it was his home planet and we would have understood more since it was theb2nd movie.

Have you heard about Russell Crow saying that if there's interest he'd be willing to do a prequel? I love the idea. It'd be great to see krypton before it goes all blowy uppy Phone Post

Someone get you a job at the studio dude, just finished reading, awesome concepts!

I really want to know what they can do to continue the Nolan batman universe, would love another movie that's not rushed Phone Post 3.0