My survival kit

I carry this in my car and when I am hiking it goes in my back pack.

My senior year in high school we had to make one for wilderness survival. The teacher gave extra credit for the smallest, but I wanted ot make one that had as much shit as possible.

If a bluenamer would be so kind....

The Kit

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I keep a fleshlight in the car. You know... for emergencies.


Nice afro comb in your purse.

Man Vs Wild guy ONLY needs a knife, flint and a water bottle to survive anywhere on the planet

I wasn't in special forces, and I have nothing to prove to anyone. I would rather increase my rate of survival as much as possible.

How about one of those magnesium sticks that you shave bits off of and ignite with a spark ?

That shit will set fire to anything.

I'd also add 1 more mylar blanket in case there's another person in the car. Or you could lay it on the ground as a huge signal device while you use the other one to keep yourslf warm.

I also have a sleeping bag in my trunk just in case

I have water, tuna, flare guns, rambo knifes, beanies etc. both in car and home

I feel pretty safe if I was in a survival situation at home.

I would fuck up anyone that tried to fuck with my shit, u fuckin feel me homie??

I have a M-4, and 12 gauge and a 30.06, I could handle any situaiton if someone tried to fuck with me.

I feel ya son. If u need help hit me up