My take on Arona/Jackson.

Arona was winning the fight up until the KO slam from Jackson. I believe that Jackson was stunned but not KO'd from the kick by Arona. I think that Arona believed that Jackson may have been KO'd from the kick (He was just laying there after all.) and was telling the referee and trying to get a response before he continued, I think this was a classy move on Arona's part. He wanted to make sure Jackson was able to conciously defend himself before hitting him again. Arona was pressing the action on the ground with multiple submission attempts, Arona was VERY close to sinking in a tight triangle choke that would have submitted Jackson before he guard slammed him. Guard slams are legal in PRIDE FC and Jackson's win via KO over Arona was legitimate. The accidental head butt happened after Arona's head ricochet off the canvas and Arona was already KO'd. I was impressed by Arona and his new aggressive fighting style and I want to see him back in the PRIDE FC ring ASAP! He should fight at PRIDE: BUSHIDO VOLUME 4 which will be a Brazilian Top Team Vs. Team Japan event. I would also like to see a rematch between Arona and Jackson. Overall I am happy to see Ricardo Arona back in action, and I can't wait for Jackson/Silva 2 to happen!

Good thing you posted your opinion. Now, I can sleep at night.

Arona was way more aggressive then usual. But I'm glad Rampage won because he's my favorite fighter.

I think they need to make it illegal to spike a guy into the mat. Arona could have easily been badly injured. :(


Agreed. I though Jackson was out until I saw the replay and noticed that it was the ball of his foot that hit Jackson and it was very high on the head. I think it just dazed him, after all he was able to say he wasn't out on two occasions...but he wasn't moving at all and from Arona's angle likely did look unconscious. I'm surprised he didn't at least go for a sweep, though. Who knows though - none of us were Arona at that moment (or the moment where he got lifted like he was a child) so it's tough to say what was going through his mind.
Before the slam I had him ahead, too. He was very aggressive, much like Mino is. That was NOT the Arona of old. The old Arona would've never pulled guard like that and would've likely gotten pasted trying one takedown after another.

Props to both guys - great fight and if Arona is going to fight like that again I'll pay to see him any time.

Well thought-out opinion.

"arona may have been winning- but hardly anything had happened to that point so its insignificant..also the triangle was NOT tight...I have the fight on my computer and it was not close at all"

I didn't say it was tight, I said Arona was VERY close to sinking in a tight triangle choke that probably would have submitted Jackson.

Where's the slam gif? It needs to be on every Arona/Jackson thread.

It's a good thing Rampage got that slam. He was being uncharacteristically tentative in that match, maybe fearing the takedown, and it almost certainly would have cost him that round and perhaps the fight if it went the distance.

Saku was also close to finishing Silva with the guillotine but since he isnt a 'BJJ Black Belt'...

Glad to hear Arona was more aggressive.

I posted that this could be Arona's fight to shine and show more of his capabilities.

He is a great athlete and might have been boring thus far but i think its pretty obvious that with his skills and athleticism and physical shape, he could def. not be boring...

Rampage is the man though.

Look,arona got taken out by the headbutt and not the
impact of the head to the canvas.Was it illegal?,yeah
if headbutting is not in the rules.Was it intentional?
well let's say this ,Tito probably knew that the
position of his head when slamming Tanner would take
him out on impact,so in Rampages case i believe he
knew what he was doing.But that's just my oppinion.I
think guy's may say it was an accident,but i just
think it's a bit of playing dumb.Nice technigue
though,reall wanted Rampage to win ,but not really
with a cloud over it.


is there a slam gif?

I was thinking there needs to be one

slammed over and over and over

"I didn't say it was tight, I said Arona was VERY close to sinking in a tight triangle choke that probably would have submitted Jackson" - TIMMYDOME

Man.. like EVERYBODY 'almost' subs Rampage before he decides to slam them on their face. That's part of his game. Silva, Busta, Arona, Saku, Igor.. like everybody tried to sub him, but he just slams his way out. Absolute retard strength.

And I don't think that upkick really stunned him bad, but he did drop down to cover up. Rampage wasn't close to being KO'ed, and Arona was trying to pull a Yoshida I think.

Nat, you're crazy. You're saying Rampage intentionally slammed his eyebrow into Arona's chin? Never mind the fact that it was Arona's head coming up into Rampage's face and not Rampage's head coming down into Arona. If his head hadn't come up they never even would have connected with each other.

Also, where exactly else could Rampage position his head?

"Also, where exactly else could Rampage position his head?"

Exactly, if he could have moved his head, he may had other escapes to do. With Arona'a leg over his shoulder, his head had nowhere to go but straight forward.


Jackson was talking, so he wasn't out. Stunned for sure though. Arona could have tried a sweep?

Arona saying Jackson is out = Classy?
Yoshida saying Royce is out = Cheating?

In a post fight interview Arona said he thought
Rampage was out because he punched him and
he didn't respond or move. He was trying to tell the
ref that he thought he was out. That probably would
have been a better time for the triangle.

Good fight nontheless. Before the fight I wanted
Rampage to beat the boring out of Arona,
apparently he didn't have to. Arona had a few hard
leg kicks and was very active from the bottom. I'm a
new fan. Props to Rampage though, the win was