My take on the 185 division and A. Silva

I think Anderson's next fight should be someone up and coming at LHW (Cane, Vera, Jon Jones) or at HW (Mir?) since he's at 220 lb. or so now. This is what his camp says he wants to do. Source:

In the meantime find his 185 lb. contender with the winner of a Hendo vs. Marquardt fight.

I'm pretty sure this is how the picture will play out at this point with Nate's win last night.

IrishFighter110 - It makes no sense to be fighting at LHW unless its a title shot. That how it works.

Well, the same point could be made at HW. And I don't see Dana and Joe Silva ever giving Anderson a shot at Brock. Personally, I think Brock would do what Brock does best, smash.