My Take On the Mir/Freeman Issue

I think Ian made the mistake of meshing two gripes into one.

First off if Mir did indeed say what Ian claims then he was indeed a VERY BIG ass. Without knowing Frank, I would like to think the emotions of getting spanked in the octagon just got the best of him.

However Ian's calling Mir a "Paper Champion" seems to be fueled by jealousy and comes off sounding very immature and whiney. Enson Inoe beat Couture but you don't hear him calling out Randy claiming him to be a "Paper Champ". Hallman beat Hughes twice and although let it be known he thought he deserved another shot at Hughes never lowered himself to childish name calling.

I can only imagine how Ian felt in the wake of his fathers death so I can only hope his mouthing off about Frank is also just his emotions getting the best of him, which would be well understood.

Looking forward to seeing both The Machine and Frank in action again.

May be paper champion was the wrong words. I should have said.... 'not a real champion' in my eyes.

Our english pronounces are not a strong intended than yours.

not immature just stupid.

Well Ian, your opinion is your given right. But Frank beat Tim in 50 seconds so I think he earned it. I think you must agree you are a better fighter than you were two years ago as well as Frank surely is. I have much respect for you but lets not live in past glory but live and train hard to capture it in the future. I'm sure you can prove today and in the future you deserve a shot at Frank because of the fighter you are today and not what happened two years ago. Best wishes.