My team loses. Farck!!!!!!

I don't even care now if they resign Billups. I hope luck shines on the
Cavs and they beat the Spurs. Probably not going to happen but oh well.

Still, even though the Spurs may win Brian Davis is still a tool and the
Spurs are boring.

they need to fire Dumars.

It might sound crazy.

But he needs to go. The 'dynasty era' of the Pistons is over, at least as far as getting to the ECF goes.

He fucked up that Darko draft so bad . . . he can't be trusted with the rebuilding process.

They need to let go of Billups, trade Rasheed for expiring contracts like to the Lakers. Get rid of deadweight like Nazr (horrible signing!) and there's no reason to not drop Rip either.

They just need to go into the crapper for a couple of years and build back up.

The other big problem they have is their cheapass ownership.

Same guys who wouldn't pay Allan Houston . . . wouldn't match Ben Wallace.

Then they brag to the media about how they offered to make Ben Wallace the highest paid Piston ever . . . even though every other team in the league had players making even more for years and years.

"Same guys who wouldn't pay Allan Houston"

i don't think this is accurate at all. Houston never gave Detroit a chance
to match. Detroit was willing to pay Houston some big money.

Dumars is not the problem. Saunders is part of the problem. They got
rid or Carlisle and Brown who were far superior to Saunders. Its time for
him to go.

It probably would be smart to let Billups go and rebuild. I fucking hate
Delfino and Hunter and hopefully they won't return either. One bright
spot for Detroit is Amir Johnson. People don't know him now, but in 3
years they will.

Flip is a horrible coach. He pulled a phil jax and came in at the right time to bust some rings with a solid group. nothing more.

and ToT is a much better fan than unkind pud. For sure.

Blow up _etroit!?!?!?! You guys are freaking crazy. They just need to dump Flip and freaking beg Carlisle to come back.

Oh yeah and maybe if _etroit wasn't so damn boring they might have been able to put together something on the offensive end.

1) Get rid of Saunders. He sucks!

2) Resign Billups

3) Do your best to get someone to replace Wallace, because Webber don't cut it.

4) Get a few bench players

No reason to blow up the team.

Rough for Detroit fans.

Kings blew their team and are still suffering from the effects.

Don't blow it up yet.

If they lose Billups they need to rebuild. He's probably the best player on
the team. I don't know why he had such a horrible series, but when he
blows so does the team usually. Keep the same team intact but without
Billups. Hard to get over 40+ wins.

Billups was unusually awful. Cavs played good defense, but it took a lot of bad play and poor decisions to get Billups statline for the series: More turnovers than assists over 6 games.

That's REAL BAD for a point guard.

And I stand by blowing the team up. Rasheed isn't getting any younger, and he's proven he's not getting any wiser. The only guy who ever handled him was Larry Brown, maybe it was a North Carolina thing. Rasheed's play is all downhill from here.

Webber is so over the hill that the Webber of 2 years ago is laughing at how bad he is.

McDyess, Nazr, Davis, Hunter, all those guys are done or close to it.

They have a mid-first rounder this year from Orlando, so maybe they can add some firepower to the offense. They need someone who can create their own shot for once.

I still think Dice has a few years left.

he might have a few years left, but is it worth keeping him if the Pistons lose Billups?

McDyess is a guy who should play for a contender.

Otherwise, get rid of him and let a young guy develop, imo

Detroit always comes back,their history has proven it,they've been unfortunate to be good at the start of the Air's reign and now at the start of the King's reign.