My Test levels are low.....

Normal adult male 350-1000, my level is at 303. It's possible that its because of my Cystic Fibrosis, considering the fact that stress(physical or emotional) causes cortisol which drops your Test levels. My body is under a tremendous amount of stress, and its very hard to gain the strength and muscle mass I need. My doctor wants to put me on Test, I assume through injections. Any info? Will this affect testing when I decide to start fighting? I will start training soon, possibly next month with Griffin Martial Arts in Ga. under Cam for MMA training. I also plan on traveling back to Gresham to train with Team Quest again. Any advice or info is appreciated.

If I'm not mistaken, they only test for synthetic testosterone if your levels are too high, so if you're only supplementing into a normal range you should be fine, especially with medical documentation.  But I'm only about 60% sure of my answer.

thanks a lot crush, I'm 77% appreciative for your help!

The UFC only tests for main events

Well I'm not going to be in the UFC anytime soon, hopefully I'll get to do some local shows in Ga.

Steroid drug testing is VERY expensive, it's unlikely it will be tested for until you make it to elite level competition. ALso, Dr prescribed testosterone is intended to put you in the higher natural physiological range, not supraphysiological so there shouldnt be a problem if epitestosterone levels are kept in check.

thage, UFC tests randomly now.