I am planning on taking out a line of credit against my house within the next year. I was thinking of buying a condo in Thailand for about 1,000,000 BHT. Thats about thirty thousand US dollars. I am suppose to go thier and train in Nov. While I'm thier I want to look at some property. The 49 weeks out of the year I wouldn't be there I would rent it out to people who would like to go there to train.

Do you think there would be a high demand or would this be a bad investment?

Same for Brazil, except for the BJJ enthusiasts/fighters.

Any input?

There condotels, of your going to do that they have mangaging companys to take care of it while your gone and make sure it gets rented. Make sure you buy in a real busy area! otherwise it will suck, and dont buy a POS

whats a POS? I was thinking of buying in Pattaya, by Sityodtong.

oh, piece of s**t


Thailand has a bunch of crazy property laws. Foreigners have some hoops to jump through.

I just did some research. You are right. A foriegner cannot own land in Thailand. But you can purchase a condo as long as it does not exceed 49% of the total size of the building. I don't plan on buying half a building so I shouldn't have any problem in that area. It also looks like I can rent it out if I like. I just emailed an American lawyer who has spent the last 15 years over there and deals with these issues. Hopefully this works out!

Nice! I was thinking about doing that to, 2 be honest with you. I was in Pattaya in Feb and loved it!. I think I recall seeing some ads about condotels closer to the ocean. Let me know if you do, I would definatly rent it out, or try and help buy one. TTT
if you want to get crazy... it was suggested to me that while I was there to open a business, or buy a house, the catch was you had to marry a thai to get around all the laws. interesting

I don't know about the whole "marrying a Thai thing". Not just for business at least.

Did you train at Sityodtong?

the marrying a thai was a joke, (although Thai chicks rule!!!)
I didnt get a chance to train, my trainer out here hooked me up with his family out there, so it was more like a vacation. I did check out several facilitys. Fairtex was nice, although there is another place off the beaten path i would prefer to go to, cant think of the name though

Nice, I'm going to be in Pattaya in November. Most likely training at Sityodtong. I can't wait. I'm working on getting my passport next week and then I will book my flight for sure. My suppervisor already gave me the ok for my 2 1/2 weeks vacation. I'm in!

oh, where are you researching this btw? I would like to see what your looking at

Here is one of the links I was doing some research on.

when are you thinking of pulling the trigger on the condo?

just keep this in mind- I had a nice hotel on the beach (patong beach) and paid $16 a night- so think about that when you are considering your prices

I'm not looking to make money. Even if I brake even i"ll be happy. I waste my money on stupider things anyway. I want to do this primarily for myself. To have a get away.

I am looking to do this within the year. I will look at some property in November while I'm there training. And I will gather all the legal info I need. Then after Jan 1 my new vacation will roll around and I will go back for the purchase.

I know a girl out there that is a lawyer... if you need

for blakes comment, true, but anywhere in the US thats on the coast you will easily dish out 10 times as much to buy


Would have to have Thai partner with controlling interest, which is risky. Possibly could buy if you are a corporation/business entity.

I know, read a couple posts up. I did some research, I can buy a condo as long as it does not exceed 49% of the size of the building. Like I said I'm not planning on buying half of a hotel.

My instructor told me that if you have a hous in Brazil, you need to have someone looking after it at all times or squatters will take it over.