My thoughts on Stratus....

I just watched the linked Trish v. Lita match, and it got me thinking, and I had to share those thoughts with the Pro Wrestling Forum.

At the end of the match, I felt a bit saddened, but also satisfied (or perhaps stratusfied) at the same time. Too often in watching wrestling, I haven't seen the "last match" someone truly has, usually because I rarely buy PPV's. However, even when I have, there's been a lack of satisfaction. And too often, the "final match" is a poor ghost of the wrestler's apex of abilities. While the most famous example around now is a geriatric Ric Flair still trying to style and profile like the Nature Boy of old, the list of wrestlers who hung on too long rather than go out near the top of their abilities is far too numerous.

Trish (so far, since there is never truly retired in wrestling unless you're Droz) is one of the few to buck that trend. She's still at the top of her game. Hell, in many ways she's improving her game.

And perhaps that is what's made Trish especially great. In an era of "Divas" that have gotten by on a decent face, silicone breasts and the willingness to take off their clothes, Trish transcended that. Sure, she started as eye candy, and she's still IMHO the best looking Diva in WWE. But, instead of relying on her looks a la Torrie Wilson or Stacy Keibler or any of a hundred other Divas, she learned the craft. She was willing to get busted up, take her lumps. Hell, I bet she woulda done a TLC match if it was asked of her.

The third great thing about Trish was that she made her sexuality a element of her character, but not the whole character. Sure she started that way, but in the end, she was considered a wrestler more than a pair of tits.

In summation, Trish, thank you. Thank you for six years of entertainment, and fun TV. Thank you for being more than a standard "Diva", and keeping a bit more integrity about you (I know she's done some silly bits, like barking like a dog for McMahon, etc, but she's better than any of the Playboy Divas, IMHO). Thank you for giving as much to the art of wrestling as wrestling gave to you, and thank you for giving your blood, sweat and effort to the fans as well.

So go out. Get married to that lucky bastard. Enjoy your retirement, or whatever else you want to do in life. And, while I may miss your presence in the ring, stay out of it. Stay retired. Keep your health, and have a happy, Stratusfied life.

I wonder what they're going to do with the title now?

I agree with you for the most part- even Hogan mentioned her willingness to take bumps like the guys did, saying she'd feel it a few years down the road.

Gortiz- I hope they do a "tournament" of at least 4 women, maybe 6 going to a Triple Threat match, and put the belt on either Lita or Mickie James again. They're the only two Divas right now who can wrestle worth a damn, although Candice seems to be showing signs of improvment, and Michelle McCool might do decent in the ring as well.

Trish was better than JBL.

"Trish was better than JBL."

That's not much of a compliment, Captain; that's like complimenting someone who can grapple better than the average white belt with two stripes.

I am left wondering if she was wearing any underwear during that match after seeing the sides of those pants.

Dojosensei has obviously not seen All Japan Womens Pro Wrestling from the mid ninties.

Victoria always has been and always will be better looking and a better worker.