My thoughts on TKO

- I was surprised to see them ask 5$ for a program they used to give all the time.

- I was even more surprised to see no ring girls at all.

- Am i the only one who thinks that the TV commercials between fights sucked? I mean put 'em on your DVD but at a live show it's just weird.

- Take the mic back from the guy who was randomly saying: "Make some noise" between the rounds...

- If you want to have a guy sign the national hymns please hire someone who actually sings well.

- I think that buying tickets from Admission was more simple.

Now about the good stuff:
An action packed night with 12 fights. Many great fights, well done.

Also two thumbs up for the Sandford/Potvin decision. I thought Sandford had won but i was afraid that Potvin would be awarded the hometown decision.

Novagallia is correct. The advertising in a program is supposed to pay to cover the cost of producing the program. It is very poor-class to charge for them.

While ring-girls are perhaps an unnessecary expense, everyone seemed to notice their absence, probably because they've been so noticeable in the past.

The singer was challenged, but very bad form for some to boo during the US anthem.

Bastards still smoke during the show, making the whole building hazy and effecting the fighters breathing. Security is negligent in not intervening when people actually blow smoke (tobacco or otherwise) right on the fighters as they walk to the ring).

Lastly, the fluctuating start time was unprofessional, and they needed a better system for getting people into the building, and differentiating lines for people with tickes and without. (And Admission was easier, but perhaps this was to save commission?)

On the plus side, great fights, and great ring staff for when injuries happened. Security was good in not letting superfluous people into the ring area as well.

The card came off almost as advertised (I think only the Howe fight didn't happen).

Congrats to everyone who worked behind the scenese, and all the fighters, for a great evening.

Lose the national anthems entirely lol, not a good idea in Quebec.

The fights were great all around, tons of action and I was most impressed by the fact that the refereeing and judging were fair, things have come a long way there, good job tko.

Now my bitching ... way too long a break between fights, bad for the fighters and fans. The reserved ticket fiasco has to be fixed for next time too.

Yeah, the ticket thing was a mess. I missed the first two prelims because it took 45 minutes just to get the tickets I had reserved over the phone.

i heard the ring girls actually got in a somewhat serious car accident on the way to the show... can anyone verify that?

"i heard the ring girls actually got in a somewhat serious car accident on the way to the show... can anyone verify that?"

How is Sarah?

demandango, the is true :(

One was hurt fairly bad, the rest seemed to be ok...


Damn that sucks