Without putting much thought into it here is what I would like to see/think might happen, some based on rumors, some not.

Horn/Kang world MW belt

Loiseau/Rivera can. MW belt

Stout/Quimet can. LW belt

Hominick/rice/Simba/Diaz tournament for can. SLW belt

Fabiano/Pulver world SLW belt

J.Goulet/Black world WW belt

S.Vigneault/Fontaine rematch





Hey T how is it going?

I dont think Rivera can fight for the Canadian middleweight belt because he is AMerican.

pretty good. Mabye the winner can fight for the world belt, now I'm getting ahead of myself.

not bad, I just don't see how Duqette/Fredrickson makes any sense (might be a good fight though). Stout/Fredrickson makes much more sense to see who fights Ouimet.

Obviously an Ouimet/Fredrickson rematch is logical.

Bocek/Duqette is good too, both the same amount of MMA experience. I'll say Bocek by choke.


stout/fredrickson to see who fights quimet would be good also. I have seen both bocek and duquette fight and I would have to say duquette by KO.

Im yet to have the pleasure of seeing Duqette fight, must be a tough dude.


ttt for Bocek or Wagnney fighting on that card!

I actually like that Bocek/ Duquette fight...

That could be a great one.

Duquette will be fighting that's for sure...

"I actually like that Bocek/ Duquette fight...
That could be a great one."


TTT for seeing Bocek and Wagnney fight again!

Bocek vs Duguette is great. Need to test Duquette.

JHR, whatcha mean you actually like it!? Im the world's greatest matchmaker :|


You are ! ;)

I think it's a good match up because Duquette needs to be tested.

I would love to see Bocek fight an aggressive striker.

These guys are perfect for each other.

The only fight I've seen Duqette in was vs. Andy Social.

The Canario vs J.T.

duquette's other victim was claude trembley, granted he now 0-3, but duquette was in his guard and knocked him out cold for about 2 minutes.

cool, i wanna check him out sometime.



Why would Rice fight in a tourney for his own belt?

Add monkey and the winner get's rice that makes more sense.