My TKO 29 Experience

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved with TKO 29 on the weekend. It was a great experience for me. Stephane puts on a fantastic show and it was honor to be part of the main event. I felt the best I have ever felt going into a fight, no injuries body felt good and my conditioning felt strong. I will definatley be staying at 185 from now on. Unfortunately you can't win them all. The crowd there was insane and the production was the best I have been a part of. I met some great people, Marco and Joey thanks for driving us around and all the other help. Stephane Dube is an awesome guy and a monster in the cage, it was a pleasure to meet him. Thanks to Sean Peirson who didnt get to fight but lent me his suana suit to get that last pound off. As always it was good to see Fabio Holanda and I will see you this weekend. I did have and still have a great deal of respect for Cote and I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him fighting in the UFC I hope I can join him there in the future. Hanging out with Bill Mahood and Tyler Jackson was crazy as ever and entertaining to say the least.

I have to thank my team at CMC for getting my ass in shape quickly for this fight, especially Dan Chambers who was there every single day for me. Lee Mein... well I owe everything to this man what else can I say. Its back to the gym and hopefully back to the cage ASAP for me. The thing that sucks about losing is thinking about all the things that you could have done and not being able to jump right back in there till the next one. One last thank you to Hayabusa Fight Wear still the best gear I have ever worn, I hope everyone supports this Canadian company. Thanks again everyone, and I look forward to fighting for TKO again in the future.

Great Effort Jay. All the best mang!

I was at the fight, sorry didnt get a chance to say hey. No shame in that one, hes a great fighter. I thought you were winning the fight till he got you in a tough spot. Good fight nonetheless, I'm sure you'll bounce back fast.
Scott Arnold

I want to say thanks to Jason because he accept this fight on short notice. Also, let me tell you something, Jason he's strong as fck !!.. I was suprise in the clinch how physically strong he was. You know, friday was my night, that's it... keep your head up Jason.

Pat Cote

TTT for Day & Cote - two class acts

That was a great fight guys. I was really impressed with both of you. It was my first TKO and I had a blast...hope to see you guys fight again.

Both guys are very classy

Congrats to both for stepping up

Day is one of the most improved fighters in the country


Now this is how you like to see fighters. Cheers to you both!