My trip to DC last year

I took a school group to DC last year and had a pretty eye opening time. I'm 30 years old and I had been through there but had never taken the time to go monument hopping.

It is absolutely awe inspiring the majesty and history of our country.

Here are a couple of photos that I ran across today that really stick with me.

Me at The Wall

At Arlington

Iwo Jima

I have several more pictures from the trip and most of them are in my style of pictures called 'self-portrait' in the fact that I like to take the pix myself.

Me driving the bus

National Cathedral

Me and FDR

Me and Lincoln

Me and TJ

These are all cool pictures but the ones above really put in perspective the sacrifice that some have given for our country. I had a hard time at Arlington. So many lives given....

That's sad!

Watching the changing of the guard at the Unknown Soldiers grave at Arlington was very cool too!

That would be me or can't you read, KKM?

Nice try.