My UFC 124 Experience!!!!! BEST TIME EVER!

Okay so on december 11th i flew from vancouver to montreal with my brother for UFC 124. I paid the extra to get the floor seats and it was way worth it!. I was 8th row behind the emergency exit.

Ill tell anyone thats thinking of making a ufc into a vacation like i did, get the floor seats and here is why. I got to meet and get pictures with a bunch of my favorite fighters. I got pics with Dan Mirgliotti (srry for spelling) and Herb Dean before the show started. Then in between prelims i was on an elevator i met EDDIE BRAVO, i told him im a huge fan and it was killer. Then Rory Mcdonald got on the same elevator and being a little star struck i said the same thing to him hahah eddie bravo was like wow i feel special now. As the show was on there was fighters walkig around the floor, i met jonathan brookins who was really drunk but a wicked guy none the less. I got a picture with WANDY!!!! A picture with Sam Stout and Kris Mcray. On a trip to the bathroom I noticed Henzo Gracie just chillin texting on his phone in the hall, so i waited for him to be finished and like a school girl i was like Hi Henzo my name Is Cory and I am a huge fan. he then commented on my GSP shirt, said it was awesome i said thanks man and walked away in awe. haha, in between main card fights I say dana creepin around so i got a picture with him too!

The fights couldnt have gone any better for canadian fighters and the arena was really crazy. My favorite part was when GSP was double jabbing KOS to deaath and in the 5th round the whole stadium WAS NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!>

Wow UFC 124 was great and so worth the 3gs i paid for our flights and the tickets.


MrHenson -  cool story bra

would have been even cooler had u told this the day after the event


yeah im sure it would have. But i havnt been at home or near a computer for a little while, first chance i got I posted it. BTW woulda been cooler if u woulda signed up a day before jan 2010 :P

For fucks sake....the guy had a blast and wanted to share his experience. Get off his fucking back. Glad you had a good time bro. Phone Post

Frb did it much better. Phone Post

 Sounds like a great time. I bet the arena was going crazy.

sounds like you had a great time! pretty cool story, bro

Make it to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio in March if ya can. You meet all those fighters and more, and it's about 1000 times less expensive. :)

You know, they are just people, but they are all really nice people. You think that athletes are all pricks and dont have time for you, but of all the shows I went to, they were all really awesome and took the time to at least make small talk.

The first actual fighter I ever met was King Mo at UFC 116, he was just walking around and I said whats up and he and I chit chatted for a bit, I thought that was really awesome. You dont get that kind of interaction at a basketball game, football game, or a baseball game.

Great story, I hope that more UG'ers get to meet fighters and what not, its a really awesome experience.


Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll be in Toronto for the card in April and I can post about it. Phone Post

 I'm such a fan of Renzo Gracie I spelled his name Henzo!


 Awesome you had a great time, man. weird enough I was there as well, and flew from Kelowna. Had a blast, sat 15th row floor. Loved how people sitting on the floor there had a separate area to go get drinks in between fights, not only because there was little or no lie for drinks, but you bumped into fighters all the time. 

Great time!

Awesome dude! :))

Me and my buddy managed to get our hands on kickass second row seats (section 3) only a few hours before the show... I have to admit, we kinda looked out of place sitting among all those suit-wearing stuck- up assholes but dammit, we had fun!!! We were basically the only ones yelling and drinking in our section!!! We didnt get to meet anyone but we ran into jonathan brookins at the beer stand during the prelims but thats about it...

The day after, the journal de montreal (local montreal newspaper) printed a crowd shot in which im clearly visible in the middle of the picture doing the UG sign!! i'll try to scan it and post it on here! Phone Post

So you didn't stare at Eddie awkwardly in the elevator?

Come on man, you can't share the story without the pics!. Awesome story though, sounds like a great experience.

Explodin you must be a cool, counter culture chap because you shitted on a guy who had a blast at the fights and felt compelled to share with the UG. I hope your curmudgeonly behavior on the Internets makes you feel good bro. Phone Post

I had a similar experience at 115 in Vancouver. Although I didn't get to meet to many fighters I did get floor seats row 9 and it was such a cool experience. I am a family guy who doesn't get out very often so to be that close to the fights was a once in a lifetime, as I would not be able to afford that again. I did get to meet Chael and have a photo taken with him a week before the event and he was actually very nice. Phone Post

explodin, I would rather be the guy who is excited to meet people he admires than the guy who likes to make fun of people who want to share their great experiences. Go back to knocking ice cream out of the hands of children, continue on with your miserable negative existence fucktard! Phone Post