My UFC bets on Bodog

Inspired by Utah Get Me Two's Bodog thread...I've decided to start my own. I've been watching MMA for about 7 years. I've always toyed around with betting real money but always wimped out. I've finally bit the bullet though.

For my first bet, I have a three way parlay of $55.25 for Joe Benavidez to beat Eddie Wineland, Amir Sadollah to beat Bang Ludwig, and Cole Miller to beat T.J. O Brien. 

I think each of your guys wins. Good luck. TJO must really suck, no? I was wondering how Cole Miller could be -400 against anyone.

Ed Herman +125 looks like a solid bet to me. Unless he gets triangled by Noke, I think he smashes on him for a GnP TKO. Or maybe Noke taps to one of those "get me out of this fight" subs. Herman is tough as Hell.

 Yeah I was thinking of putting money down on the Noke/Herman fight but unlike, I was going to pull through Noke due to Herman's weaknesses when it come to subs. However, Herman showing good striking in his last fight has me thinking this is a toss-up so i''m staying away.

TJ has multiple submission losses on his record and NO TKO or KO wins so I think picking Miller is safe.

I just don't see Noke having enough power to beat Herman. But yeah, if Kyle wins it's almost certain to be a sub.

Good call with Herman, I bet he didn't win the way you thought he would though lol

Thanks. You are correct= Herman via RD1 heel hook was not what I'd anticipated. If Short Fuse was to win via sub, I thought it would be something like a RNC that Noke gave up to get out of a prolonged GnP session.

Sorry to see that Amir lost. You'll get 'em next time.

Yep now i'm down to $0 on my bodog account, damn. I'm going to put some money on Paulo Thiago vs David Mitchell if the odds are lower then -300 for Thiago. If I lose from that, then I'm going to stay away from MMA betting.

Thiago will be way over -300 in Rio. I can't think of a bigger mismatch pending, off the top of my head. Mitchell is from the North Bay / NorCal and I'd like to see him win. But he won't.

I'm amazed that Thiago is only -435. That number will go up.

Looking forward to this UFC on Sat.

 Hm I don't think it's worth putting money then. Guess I'll skip out on this one.

Dan Miller +245 is a good value. Unless he gets leglocked, he could win- even in Rio. Very durable guy who is hard to finish.

Just plunked down $100 on Dan Miller. I have the same reasoning you do. Also put $10 on Okami just for the hell of it.

Good luck.

Miller will be way taller and Tree Stump has been known for bad cardio. Dan just needs to mind the leglock attempts early. They're coming. One of the more surreal finishes I've seen in MMA was the Tree Stump vs Marquardt fight. WTF?

Lookin forward to these fights night. I'd love to see Okami win. It's a good value, because Silva can be taken down. I never know what Silva will show up. He can either go Natural Born Killer or Can't We All Just Get Along.

 I figured Okami would be able to replicate what Sonnen did...minus the bad submission defense so I figured he was worth a play.

Paul Harris showed amazing gas for such a bulky little muscleball. I've never seen him in such good shape. Fighting in his home country must have motivated/energized him. He may suffer from the same mental issues as Filho.

RD 1 was awesome. Dan took an ass whooping in the 2nd, and then the 3rd was also very close. I don't know where they get these judges. LOFL @ 30-25.

Okami really got tooled. That sucked. I'm a fan of his and would have liked to see him win. It must be very hard to fight Silva in Brazil. As far as I can tell, all the Brazilians won, except for Cane.

I'd like to see Spider lose. I'm sick of him and his schizophrenia. Nice guy to asshole, then back again. He's like a walking identity crisis. Pick a personality and stick with it. Badass fighter, though.

 I think I might be sitting out of betting for a while lol

Yeah. That Sadollah loss was a real buzzkill. I thought that match was a sub waiting to happen. Was leaning toward an armbar or maybe triangle.

 Been staying away with betting for real money but i have been indulging in fantasy mma betting. So far I'm 4-0 with bets on Koch (against Brookins) and Ellenberger (against shield) for UFN last week and also won a parlay between Kos (against Hughes) and Mizugaki (against Cole). Also won with a bet on Boetsch against Ring. Why can't I do this with real money? lol

 I use Bodog. I'm going to stay away from live gambling cause I can see myself making too many emotional bets and screwing myself over.

 man.. bet smaller amounts! hahah i just placed a couple of small parlays on bodog...

for UFC 136 i have $10 parlay on Guillard, Maynard, Pettis, Sonnen, Aldo = 65.00 payout

UFC 137: Kongo, Penn, GSP $10 parlay = 35.00 payout.